Sunday, September 26, 2021
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ideas have consequences

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As President Buhari visited The White House, the momentous occasion reordered and chronicled so many episodes and activities for political pundits and analysts to chew on. It was mouthful and overflowing with purposeful activities that enlightened and buttressed President Buhari commitment in building of the new Nigeria that is devoid of corruption.

But also in the trip something extraordinary took place and a political star was born in Washington DC.   The emerging international political stalwart was the governor of Imo State Rochas Okorocha. The executive governor was without any question was the right hand man of President Buhari. In every picture and video of the President Buhari in the White House, the governor Okorocha was on his right hand side at any given moment.

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Governor Okorocha’s rising star status  was consolidated and solidified on the trip  as an uber diplomat, politician and a confidant to the presidency.  During the sitting at the Oval Office in the White House, Okorocha was the one sitting close and next to President Buhari. The governor’s handshake with President Obama as he was being introduced by President Buhari shows a comfort level that speaks a volume. There was also a close interaction by  Okorocha with senior United  States officials including vice president Biden and secretary of state John Kerry.

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Governor Okorocha has proven that he is a political strategist and visionary politician.  On so many occasions many political pundits and oppositions have written him off especially when he left APGA and joined the newly formed APC as one of the founding members.  It was said that his political career was over but he went on to great amazement of many people won re-election with his party winning the presidential election.

Okorocha ‘s victory was challenged and  taken to tribunal but Imo State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal  dismissed the petition filed by the governorship candidate,  Emeka Ihedioha of the Peoples Democratic PartyPDP)  challenging the victory of Governor Rochas Okorocha in the governorship election.

The Chairman of the Tribunal, Justice David Wyom throw away the petition to dethrone the elected governor on the ground that the plaintiff   failed to pay for the pre-hearing notice within seven days, as stipulated in paragraph 18 (1) of the election petition curriculum.

An illuminating and conspicuous star

Governor of Imo state has a charismatic and reliable personality and together with his fluency in Igbo, English, Fulani and Hausa has made him a compelling personality and a bridge builder. God willing the future holds a greater promise for this rising star from the east.

Emeka Chiakwelu, Principal Policy Strategist at AFRIPOL. His works have appeared in Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes and many other important journals around the world. His writings have also been cited in many economic books, publications and many institutions of higher learning including tagteam Harvard Education. Africa Political & Economic Strategic Center (AFRIPOL) is foremost a public policy center whose fundamental objective is to broaden the parameters of public policy debates in Africa. To advocate, promote and encourage free enterprise, democracy, sustainable green environment, human rights, conflict resolutions, transparency and probity in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



I remember Fela Kuti. I so much love Fela's Afrobeat which he originated and perfected from African highlife, rhythm, percussion and jazz. They made him connect with contemporary events in Nigeria that it became understandable why working class elements clamored for his music laced with penetrating political messages. I remember his lyrics in Confusion-Break-Bone (CBB), one of the mid-1980s hit series that also included the Beast-of-No-Nation (BONN). Fela sang "If something good I go sing about am. But nothing good self to sing about’’


Julian Assange also said ‘’a great number of those working for liberal causes are not only shy but borderline collusive. They want change to happen nicely, and it won't. They want decency to come about without anybody suffering or being embarrassed, and it won't. And most of all they want to give many of the enemies of open government the benefit of the doubt, and I don't. It's not just a difference of approach, it's a complete schism in our respective philosophy. You can't go about disclosure in the hope that it won't spoil anybody's dinner.”


Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi once said that the reason that political office holders steal funds is because citizens have never confronted or stoned them (including himself) for the act. At a tribute event for Nelson Mandela in Lagos last year, Mr. Amaechi said Nigerians have not shown enough aggression or resistance against stealing by political office holders."Even the musicians, you're singing about us, the stealing leaders. If you see a thief and you allow him to be stealing, he will steal more. You have stoned nobody that's why we are stealing. Who have you stoned? We came out and you will be dancing and clapping for us ?." Amaechi said.


I have summoned up courage and I have been showing my frustrations on the miss governance taking place in Imo State. I have been stoning the political thieving vampires in Imo with my weekly articles. I am fully aware that the Imo State Government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha in Nigeria is seriously looking for me, to arrest me, frame me up and remand me in prison custody for my whistle blowing activities. They have recruited 21 youths in the state and are paying them N50,000 naira a month to attack me on social media. They have also collected my full security details and planted spies in my community to monitor my movement just because I say stop this stealing of Imo monies.


Wastage and corruption at the expense of the welfare of the working people seem to be more virulent in Imo state than the other south-eastern states of Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Abia. The state of things in Imo’s 27 LGA’s is a direct reflection of Okorocha’s commitment to enslaving the people, a situation reminiscent of biblical Israelites in bondage in Egypt. Nothing is fundamentally working out in our LGA’s ; no light, no water, no security, no social infrastructure, in fact no life. One man has squandered 132 billion naira that came to our LGA’s from May 2011 till Deceember  2013. This one man is Governor Rochas Okorocha.


Due to the deep social inequality and extreme wealth polarisation, non-existent public infrastructures, record levels of unemployment and shameless corruption that characterise Imo State today, it does not require the gift of clairvoyance to know that there is a wellspring of feelings and desire for "revolutionary" change of leadership in Imo State. Truly, Humpty Dumpty must fall down in Imo State in 2015.


Even some members of the ruling elite in Imo have voiced this same opinion expressing this fear. So huge is the level of economic and political failure of the ruling political party in Imo at the grassroot areas of the state that, if given a clear cut social political alternative, the overwhelming majority of Imolites will unhesitatingly put an immediate end of the Okorocha’s  government.


I must confess that the looting of council funds in Imo State by Governor Rochas Okorocha is totally unjustifiable and unacceptable. No wonder Popular Musician Charly Boy told the world that Okorocha does not have the moral right to speak at his father’s burial. Charly Boy is from Oguta an oil producing LGA in Imo State that Okorocha squandered 16billion naira being 13 percent oil derivation funds for 3 years. Okorocha displayed eye service in the National dailies with the Oputa burial just to buoy his ego and selfish political interests. The irony of this madness in that Okorocha who should cover his face in shame for looting 132 billion naira funds of the 27 Imo LGA’s in 3 years including 16 billion naira 13 percent oil derivation funds of Imo oil areas of which Oguta is one, is the one who came out to deliver an oration for the late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa. Trust Charly Boy, he snatched the microphone from him.


Indeed Okorocha lacks the moral right to speak at Oputa’s burial. Justice Oputa was a man of justice, equity and rule of law. He was not corrupt. How can a man who for three years of his government refused to allow democracy to exist in the 27 local government councils of Imo state pay tribute to the late judge?


The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides for elected council men . Other neighboring states have elected men and women in their councils. The governor has deprived the grassroots in Imo, democracy and is squandering funds belonging to them . The result of lack of elected council men in our LGA’s is comatose LGA’s begging to be attended to. Lack of basic amenities has made these LGA’s a ghost environment. Yet Okorocha came out to deliver an oration for the late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa. Who is fooling who?


From May 2011 to December 2011 Oguta LGA received from FG as allocation the sum of 1,255,503,784.06 . Where is the money? From January 2012 to December 2012 Oguta LGA received from FG as allocation the sum of 1,785,726,614.69. Where is the money? From January 2013 to December 2013 Oguta LGA received from FG as allocation the sum of 1,973,644,871.08 making a total of 5,014,875,269.83 (from 2011 to 2013) Where are all the monies? Imagine what Oguta LGA will look like by now if all these monies were used for the development of Oguta.


We are angry over the lack of financial discipline in government . We are angry with over invoicing in government running into millions of naira, lack of audit inspection of government establishment, huge payments for contract jobs not executed, double debiting, Lack of receipts to cover payments, contract inflation especially on road contracts in Imo State. We are angry with the irritating pain of driving on potholes riddles roads in Imo State month after month and year after year and angry with the no power supply to Ohaji/Egbema and Oguta for 3 years now, the unbearable experience of lack of potable water in many parts of the State as well as the pocketing of the entire allocation of the various councils in Imo State. Even Oguta State Constituency in Imo State has not produced its representative to the Imo State House of Assembly since after the 2011 general election .


Oguta people is this fair? Yet this man wants us to re elect him again in 2015. This weekend we will talk about Owerri West LGA funds Find below the breakdown of money for Oguta LGA’s from May 2011 to December 2013 that was squandered by Governor Okorocha and his LGA caretaker chairman.


May 2011 N91,700,168.94


June 2011 N125,686,939.49


July 2011 N230,723,931.31


Aug 2011 N130,460,408.52


Sept 2011 N132,353,741.89


Oct 2011 N155,997,859.48


Nov 2011 N236,444,105.50


Dec 2011 N152,136,628.93


Jan 2012 N155,997,859.48


Feb 2012 N236,444,105.50


March 2012 N152,136,628.93


April 2012 N134,312,549.86


May 2012 N133,381,662.50


June 2012 N133,561,489.76


July 2012 N127,210,834.90


Aug 2012 N164,308,818.97


Sept 2012 N127,460,649.39


Oct 2012 N125,694,143.13


Nov 2012 N166,370,613.44


Dec 2012 N220,580,939.03


Jan 2013 N165,274,650.05


Feb 2013 N135,221,644.93


March 2013 N168,638,757.13


April 2013 N169,355,608.53


May 2013 N179,897,919.51


June 2013 N185,653,855.35


July 2013 N141,797,554.96


Aug 2013 N166,358,315.35


Sept 2013 N141,543,950.90


Oct 2013 N127,460,649.39


Nov 2013 N155,997,859.48


Dec 2013 N236,444,105.50


-Kenneth Uwadi, Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria

Saturday, 26 October 2013 22:41


2015 election is fast approaching so one is not surprise at the propaganda and pull him down campaign going on against notable politicians. Politics, as we know, is generally assumed to be a dirty game. Indeed, it is dirty in so many ways and senses to the extent that most politicians and their gullible followers often pretend against positive steps of distinguished achievers as a means of giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha the governor of Imo State is at the receiving end of so many media propaganda by people who want to see him out of government house Owerri in 2015 by all means. The latest propaganda against Rochas is that he took a loan of 73 billion naira from banks using Imo LGA allocation as collateral. Others say he is  mobilizing  miscreants to take to the street to  protest against FG. That each recruited youth are paid N5,000. These are all lies.


The way these propagandists throw out falsehood and denigrates truth baffles me. They have embarked on mission of massive misinformation against the Imo governor because they cannot fault his programmes for Imo state. Why will Okorocha mobilize anyone to protest for him? The people love him and if the people choose to take to the street to protest on behalf of their Governor , so be it.


Okorocha requires no introduction as a leader who is diligently and humbly serving his state Imo. The ascendance of  Okorocha   to Douglas House Owerri as  governor of a politically sophisticated state as Imo  in May 29, 2011 is divine and spectacular. His achievements in office so far are also spectacular.


His leadership in Imo so far has impacted tremendously on both the state and her people. Such positive impacts include the areas of road networks, free education from primary to tertiary schools, rehabilitation of public utilities, peaceful co-existence in the state, security, health, agriculture, youth empowerment infrastructure improvements and societal re-orientation. Henceforth, on weekly basis, I will pick on one area of achievement of governor Rochas  Okorocha of Imo State. I will talk about education this week.


Naturally, as human being, Governor Okorocha  like any other politician has his own weakness because no one but God is infallible. But whatever is Okorocha's undoing, the fact still remains that  he is doing his best to take Imo State to a greater height. A man that has declared free education from primary to tertiary school in his state so that the children of the poor can go to school should be commended. Education is very important. It helps us gain knowledge, information and interpret things correctly. Education teaches us how to lead our lives by mingling in the society and turning out to be good citizens.


It makes us capable of interpreting rightly the things perceived. Education teaches us right behavior and makes us civilized people. Education is important because it equips us with all that is needed to make our dreams come true. The notion that an investment in education and human capital promotes economic growth can be traced to Adam Smith (1776), the Scottish philosopher in his famous study of what constitutes the "wealth of nations", the modern history source-book.


Are you aware that the man Okorocha Increased subvention to Imo State University from 57.56 million (fifty-seven million, five hundred and sixty thousand naira) to 100,000,000(one hundred million) naira monthly? Are you aware that the last administration in Imo State fixed  school fees in Imo State University at  150,000(one hundred and fifty thousand naira) but when Okorocha came in he reversed it? Are you aware that the man Okorocha provided N100, 000,000 (one hundred million naira )for the accreditation of courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Nursing Science in Imo State University? Are you aware that he released N138, 000,000 (one hundred and thirty-eight million naira) for payment of arrears of CONTISS/CONUAS (Academic & Non-academic) staff entitlements in Imo State University, Owerri ?

Are you aware that Imo state government under Okorocha has distributed thousands of school desks to secondary schools in Imo State and has also renovated several schools in the state? Are you also aware that Governor Okorocha is building several modern secondary schools in the state? Let’s give him some credit so that he can do more.


Are you aware that Okorocha established Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies? He also secured approval of N922, 000, 000 (Nine hundred and twenty two million naira) from the Education Trust Fund (ETF) to be used for projects in Educational Institutions in Imo State. Are you aware that Owelle Okorocha Commissioned a well-equipped Information Communication Technology (ICT) Laboratory at Girls Secondary School, Ikenegbu, Owerri.


He also secured approval for the establishment of National Teachers’Institute (NTI) Study Center in Imo State. 450 million naira grant has also being released to the missionary schools in the state. To make things easier for parents and guardians, the state government is also providing school desks, uniforms, sandals, books for Imo pupils. Allocation of impress is made to the authorities of all primary and secondary schools in the state for the purpose of carrying out routine maintenance in their respective schools


Hatred, manipulations, mischief, ill-feelings, evil machinations, vendetta and gossips from people like Mr Kenneth Uwadi against the Imo governor  cannot erase these solid achievements. Uwadi Kenneth is hiding under the façade of being a reporter with the City News to unleash his political vendetta against Okorocha’s government. Okorocha is a listening governor, whoever has ideas on how to develop the state should come forward. Critics could always have says while the truth will eventually have its way. Next week we will talk about Okorocha and security in Imo State.


Obinna Emeka lives in Owerri  and can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Friday, 18 October 2013 20:15


The announcement by the Governor of Imo State, OwelleRochasAnayoOkorocha, that he will re-contest his position in the 2015 general election generated several headlines and commentaries. Okorocha’s declaration to contest the next election is in total negation of his position before assumption of office in 2011. At the 2011 Governor's Debate at the Assumpta Cathedral, Okorocha had promised Imolites that he would be in office for four years.

Now he is re-contesting, that is Governor Okorocha for you, a political chameleon. I once wrote articles were I stated why he should resign as Imo Governor. To me, Okorocha worships power with his whole body, his whole heart, his whole spirit and, in fact, his whole being. For him, nothing is too small or too great to do to acquire power and flaunt it. His love of publicity is part of his endless scheming for power. Once he grabs it, he immediately and unceremoniously abandons all who helped him.

Honestly, when Okorocha became governor of Imo State he turned to something else. He went about telling Imo people  lies upon lies, defending his  failures and deceits with pride.The first thing that he did when he came into power was to loot N26.27billion  naira left behind by former Governor IkediOhakim. The Second thing that he did was to borrow N45billion naira and N28billion naira loans from banks with Imo LGA allocations as collateral for three years, the money which he squandered. Okorocha is just a political opportunist looting Imo state dry .He does not have the passion to do things for the people. He never had. He’s a stone-cold unapologetic ambitious man who is milking Imo state to finish.

There are many reasons why he does not deserve re-election. There are millions of voters in Imo State who are waiting to kick him out in 2015. Anglicans and Catholics will never vote for him again. I doff my hat and salute the Christians in Imo State, who stood by unborn children whose death warrant Governor Rochas Okorocha and his cohorts assented to. It is disheartening to see a governor legalize abortion in his state.

Imo youths cannot vote for him again .He has failed to give them jobs. The 10,000 legally employed Imo civil servants that he unjustly sacked in 2011 and their families and friends of their families,workers of Imo State origin toowho were sacked in the Abia State civil service for two years now that he has done nothing to alleviate their suffering despite  their  entreaties will not vote for him again. Imo Civil servants that he has refused to pay the 18,000 naira minimum wage will also not vote for him again.

Instead of sitting down in Owerri and create jobs for Imo Youths, Okorocha is spending millions of naira junketing the globe and entertaining his friends and political associates in Nigeria and abroad leaving Imo State youths without jobs. If Okorocha is not in Kaduna attending meetings with some Boko Haram  governors he will be in Ibadan hosting birthday parties  or  he is in USA meeting his fleshy needs, things that  has little to do with Imo state administration. The only sign of youth employment in Imo is the blaring of siren by the governor’s children, his maids, his in-laws and few hangers on who feed fat on the allocation of Imo State.

Annoyingly, early this  year and close to three years after he sacked 10,000 Imo state civil servants the governor  advertised the availability of 11,000 jobs via IMO YOUTH MUST WORK programme but didn’t explain  where the money to pay the workers will come from since he gave lack of money  to pay workers as the reason for sacking the 10,000 Imo civil servants in 2011. Where is the 11,000 jobs opening  when the same government cannot pay its civil servants well, again where is this job opening when Okorocha  has not built one industry or rehabilitate  existing ones.

I can tell that the millions of people in Imo rural areas  that he has abandoned will never vote for him again. We all know that it is close to three years of his government and yet democracy does not exist in the 27  local government councils of Imo state  as provided for in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria whereas neighboring states have elected men and women in their councils. The result is a comatose Imo LGA’s  begging to be attended to. Lack of basic amenities has made these LGA’s a ghost environment.

How can a man who was elected democratically but  has been operating the LGA in Imo state with Sole Administrators ask Imo people to re-elect him when he has deprived the same Imo people democracy in their LGA’s. What moral right does he have to ask Imo people to re-elect him  when the same Imo people are seeing him using Imo   LGA monies to  fund his private concernsand award inflated contracts to his companies and cronies. He has told  Imo people that they have no right to elect their leaders in the LGA’s and they have no right to elect their town union officials and youth leaders at the grass -root.  He is saying “Imo people shut up”

He has  also used his  brand of military rule to persecute the people of Owerri zone demolishing there houses and shops here and there. Even Oguta State Constituency in Imo State has not produced its representative to the Imo State House of Assembly since after the 2011 general election close to three  years now. Owerri people also are itching to occupy Douglas house. How can  Ohaji/Egbema as well as Oguta vote for him when he has been looting  the 13 percent oil derivation funds of Imo oil producing areas.

ISOPADEC, the commission charged with development of Imo oil areas is in comatose. Schools, water, electrification, roads and hospital rehabilitation in Ohaji/Egbema/Oguta which form part of the duties of ISOPADEC remain in their same dilapidated state. There is also the N400 million naira Imo flood victims relief fund given to Imo State by the Federal Government which has developed wings. I tell you the 2015 election in Imo  will be an election that will rescue Imo State from Mister Rescuer.

Kenneth Uwadi. Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria

Monday, 05 August 2013 17:34

Why I dumped APGA for APC – Okorocha

In an apparent reaction to the suspension slammed on him by the national leadership of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), for alleged anti-party activities, Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, has , again, explained why he joined the newly resgistered All Progressives Congress (APC).


He stated that the future political fortunes of Igbo were better served in the new mega political party. He also stated that APGA lacked the national spread to enable Igbo to achieve the desired political impact in the country.


Speaking during the 2013 national convention of  the Imo State Congress of America, in Atlanta, United States of America, Okorocha said the well-being of Igbo remained paramount in all his actions  and would continue to take steps to assist Igbo to regain their rightful place in the political equation of Nigeria.


“APC remains the best vehicle to promote the interest of our people. PDP has marginalised the South-East and has nothing to show for all its years in power,” he said.


Okorocha urged Igbo to embrace the APC because it guarantees equity and political opportunities denied by the PDP.


He pointed out  that the purported action of a faction of APGA was of little political consequence, as the party lacked the national spread to ensure that  Igbo make significant headway in the political leadership of the nation.


The governor described the APC as a national party made up of progressive elements determined to ensure equitable distribution of political offices to all tribes in the country.


He also noted that APC was set to redress injustices meted by PDP to Igbo race, which is  one of the tripod on which the country stands, while urging all progressive South easterners to line up behind the new party and ensure it produced the next leaders of the country at all levels.


“Igbo have not produced the president, vice president, Senate president, Speaker of the House of Representatives or the Chief Justice of the Federation, but I am confident under APC, one or more of these positions will come to the South-East.”


I wish to commiserate with the families  of the  50 persons in  Umudagu Mbieri, Mbaitoli in Imo State that lost their lives in the Osisi Ukwu Uko tragedy . My  heart also goes  to other victims and residents of Umudagu who  suffered bodily injuries as a result of the  Uko tree calamity. I am  wishing them quick recovery. For those of you who don’t know, an ancient tree believed by some to be a tree of the gods fell on Thursday May 16th, killing over 50 people at Umudagu in Imo State.


Apart from civil  war  and pipeline disaster ,I can’t remember the last time  so many  people lost their lives in a single disaster in Imo State. One wonders the number of Iroko trees  that are within the neighbourhoods in Owerri and elsewhere across Imo State  that constitute serious threat to public safety and are waiting to explode. One wonders what kind of deep sleep the  people of  Umudagu Mbieri were into when markets, houses and other structures were being erected around such a big Iroko tree. At least, there should have been a specified radius within which no structure should be put up  around the Osisi Ukwu Uko . It is lack of planning that makes it possible for residents and Iroko tree to live as neighbours. In all ramifications, the Mbaitoli local government area authorities should be held liable for the loss of lives as a result of the Osisi Ukwu Uko tragedy.


I  call  on the Mbaitoli local government area authorities and the Imo State government to please pay some compensation to the families of the deceased and to those who lost their properties. This includes adequate and free medical treatment to those who sustained injuries. I  also call on all levels of government in Imo state  to immediately commence the planning of all urban and rural areas such that houses, schools, roads, bridges, hospitals etc., are built in an organized manner in order to meet the needs of the people and in such a way it guarantees safety to all Ndi-Imo.


Speaking about the Imo State government, one cannot forget that Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State clocked 2 years in office on May 29 this year. Did he performed  well in his second year in office?. This question is in the minds of so many persons. I criticized Okorocha a lot in his first year in office  over so many of his policies. I was all over the place, shouting from the roof-top, sermonizing and evangelizing against   some of his official decisions. Some persons joined me to complain about him in his first year in office. Emperor  Iwuala and Dr Kelechi Okpaleke complained. Prof Obi Nwakamma was throwing fits. Even Dr Herbert Nwankwo  joined in the chorus. There  was also one Prof  Nathan Uzoma Protus. I hear he is the one who wrote the book Occult Grand Master Now in Christ. We yak and yak against Owelle in his first year in office. It was one grumble after another.


It is a big triumph seeing the SP poll results released on June 4th this year. In this year’s SP poll results ,70% of the 825  SP poll participant  are happy with Okorocha’s  performance in his second year  in office which is indeed a  big triumph. The AFCUDE Resource Development Centre also praised   Governor Okorocha, giving him a 79% approval rating for free education. Owelle In his second year in office rebranded  his style of governance in Imo State.  He did  a good job . He did learn some lessons from his first year and he did a much better job this time and so many persons hope he continues with his good performance into next year. In his second year in office, with his performance, Owelle  won over the minds of  many of those who predicted disaster for the state . Kudos to him.  Eto dike na nke o mere,o mekwa ozo.


Ekeoma Iwuji in a  remark said she  is happy with what the governor has done so far  "People now admire his  free education policy . He has also done well  in  security, among other simple things that directly touch on the lives of  the people .They respect his political trajectory and  they genuinely like and trust him" She said . Stephen Nwahiri, a public affairs analyst gave Owelle an excellent mark ‘’urban roads that have never experienced any form of work since creation are being constructed in Imo  with a verve I have never seen in the state before. All such roads in Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe are receiving attention at the same time. In all the 27 local councils, rural roads are being tarred. The volume of roads under construction in the state at present is amazing and I believe, after my visit that Imo is on a happy mood once again after Mbakwe. I saw real dualization of major roads like Owerri-Orlu, Owerri-Imo Airport, Anara-Okigwe roads and these are major works.’’ Nwahiri affirmed.


Nneka  Ofili  scored Okorocha  highly in the area of road construction and rehabilitation, free education at all levels in the state, urbanisation of Orlu and Okigwe, improvement in teachers’ welfare packages, improvement in school buildings and construction and renovation of some structures.Ihueze  Bob  from Ohaji  said he is   happy that Okorocha’s free education  system is  successful. “A child of a cleaner can now study in the same school where a child of a Bank executive studies. The Public School system in developed countries is what Imo has adopted. Most of the young children in the state, who hitherto had no future by virtue of being born to underprivileged parents, now have a future . Today, schools in Imo are bursting with children. Every individual enjoys a right to a bright future. With Okorocha’s free education Imo will in future  turn into a boon for  each and every child will be educated. An uneducated person cannot comprehend many things in life  because he is limited in his foresight. ‘’ he said .


Opara  Ibe  gave Okorocha  a low grade  in the area of employment. He believes that the governor has failed in the area of job creation.To him Imo people need jobs and  the issue of unemployment should be seriously tackled. Truly , Imo people need jobs . Officials say that Okorocha  has presented a supplementary budget of N5 billion for the purposes of designing and implementing jobs for over 30,000 unemployed youths in the 27 Local Government Areas of the state. I believe in this his job creation plan. When he first announced his free education plans for the state, I did not believe him.


I thought he was playing to the gallery.I thought it was  a Nollywood drama. I was thinking that free education policy in Imo State will not work. Today,the free education is running successfully in the State. If Okorocha could make free education work in Imo, I don’t have to be hasty in concluding that his employment plans for the youths in the state cannot work. With this plan  my  unemployed friend Jenifer will smile again.  Those we now know as the 10,000 will  smile again ..May God bless Imo State . May God help relatives of  victims of the Osisi Ukwu Uko tragedy in Umudagu Mbieri.


Kenneth Uwadi,  writing from Mmahu-Egbema,Imo State,Nigeria



Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, Nigeria  Sustains Head Injury In Road Accident


The convoy of the Governor of Imo State; Mr Rochas Okorocha has been involved in a head-on collision in Orlu local government area of the state and the governor sustained minor head injuries.


The Governor was on a scheduled inspection tour to some state projects in the area when the accident occurred.


A statement signed by the media aide to the Governor; Ebere Ozoukwa, stated that the Governor’s convoy was involved in the accident in Orlu town in Orlu Local government area of the state.


According to Mr Ozoukwa, “the governor sustained a minor injury which is a minor cut on his head but he is presently in a good and stable condition and has been attended to by medical personnel.”


The Governor can be seen in the picture with a bandage rolled all over his head with some blood stains.


The statement advised the general public especially Imo citizens not to “panic and should go about with their normal duties since the Governor is in a good and stable condition and responding to necessary treatment.”



Okorocha’s Chief of Staff Replaces Impeached Deputy Governor


The Chief of Staff to the Governor of Imo State, Mr. Eze Madumere, has been cleared by the state House of Assembly to replace the impeached Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso.

Mr. Madumere who was nominated by Governor Rochas Okorocha, was cleared by the lawmakers shortly after they impeached the former deputy governor, Mr. Agbaso.

The new deputy governor is expected to be sworn in on Friday at the Government House in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

Mr. Madumere before his appointment as the deputy governor was the Chief of Staff to Mr. Okorocha since the inception of his administration.

The former deputy governor was impeached on Thursday, hours after a state High Court dismissed his suit to stop his impeachment by the state Assembly.


Sources: Channels Television


The governor of Imo state, Mr Rochas Okorocha has offered employment to all qualified physically challenged citizens in the state.


The newly employed will be joining the government’s pay roll in the state’s ministries, agencies and local government offices


During a meeting with physically challenged citizens at the Ikemba Ojukwu memorial centre in Owerri the governor noted that his administration is willing to partner with the physically challenged people in the state to move his rescue mission agenda for the state to a different level.


He also noted that the state government will immediately embark on the establishment of special skills acquisition centres for the uneducated ones so they can be trained in various productive skills.


This is the second time the governor met with the physically challenged persons in the state since his inauguration as the governor of Imo state.


Hundreds of physically challenged persons from across the 27 local government area of the state gathered at the Ikemba Ojukwu Memorial Centre for a special session with the governor.


The governor charged them to be more productive and imbibe a sense of belonging in their day to day affairs in the state noting that every disability in them is an advantage and a gift from God.


There was a resounding joy when the governor announced the immediate and automatic employment of all the qualified physically challenged citizens into all the ministries, agencies and local government offices across the state.


Meanwhile as they commended the governor for his kind gesture, some of them still thinks the governor should also establish a school for the blind because Imo state is the only state in the south east without a school for the blind.


The governor also appointed a special adviser who will handle matters relating to the physically challenged citizens.









Governor Rochas Okorocha adopted Rescue Mission mantra as the political philosophy of his government.

Another word for rescue is salvage or liberate.  Rescue Mission therefore, is a political principle based on libration from political bondage.The Rescue Mission Political philosophy is grounded  on restoration of the fundamental essence of government, which is  to create an environment where the people are secured in their rights to good life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Its objective is to help the people to fully optimize the benefits of government. The Rescue Mission is based on correcting the ills of past dysfunctional governments and to bring good life, to the people of Imo State.


After months in operation, the question is, has the Rescue Mission agenda made a difference in the lives of the people of Imo State. Has the Governor delivered on the promises of his rescue mission agenda. In evaluating the performance of most governments, eight months is too short to use as a perimeter to judge their performance. However Rochas Okorocha at his swearing speech stated that he is in a hurry to deliver on his rescue mission agenda. Therefore,    we must evaluation his performance based on  eight months’ timeline.


A leader leads best when he can inspire his people. Owelle Rochas okorocha’s optimism and his zealous belief in the greatness of Imo State,  has been inspirational to the people. Our people had lost confidence in government.  Government has had a huge credibility problem, and the conventional wisdom was that government  is the problem and not the solution. The Governor’s prudent and frugal life style, his zeal and optimism, is changing how the people view government. Imo State Citizens are having attitudinal change.  Imolites are starting to believe in the goodness of government . Government , they now believe, can be a positive agent for uplifting the lives of the people.  The Governors leadership by example is inspiring Imolites to believing that IMO must be better.


The centerpiece of the Rescue Mission agenda was free quality education. The Governor during the campaign was very passionate about extending the opportunities of quality education to families who could not afford to go to school. Upon assuming office ,  Owelle by executive ordered, declared primary and secondary education free. He added monetary incentive for attendance and also a program to help disadvantaged families with school uniform and supplies. Additionally, the rescue mission government embarked on rebuilding the dilapidated school infrastructures.


The governments have embarked on a project to build a model,  state of the art primary school in every ward in the state.

As part of his reviving the educational standard of Imo State, the government of Owelle is relocating IMSU to a permanent site. The site is designed to provide a conducive environment for competitive quality university education. The university when completed will be one of the finest universities in Africa.

Road revolution,  is how an observer described the road networks  being constructed in Imo by Owelles Rescue Mission Government. Owelle as a businessman believes that with proper infrastructural  development, an industrial base can thrive in Imo State.


Governor Rochas Okorocha Sworn-In ceremony at Owerri

An integral part of providing the enabling superstructure for economic growth in the state, is the aggressive road networks being developed by Owelle’s government. The most aggressive and ambitions road construction since the Marshall’s plan in Europe, is  currently going on in IMO State.

To diversify the economy of the state, the government has embarked on a program to revive  and jumpstart tourism in the state. Oguta Lake of Treasure is not just getting a face lift, its being designed as a  first class tourist resort.


Part of the lake is being transformed into a beach. The abandoned Oguta Motel has been remodeled and a modern conference center in under construction.

The flagship hotel in IMO state, Concord, is being aggressively remodeled. The properties around Concord, including the commissioners’ estate has been remodeled. The Concord Strip looks like the world famous Las Vegas Strip. The area looks breathtakingly beautiful.


Imo State can only boast of Owerri as its only big city. The Rescue Mission policy of the Governor, subscribes to the belief that,  for Imo to thrive, it must develop more cosmopolitan urban centers.  To actualize the urbanization of Imo State, the Rescue Mission government has embarked on developing five (5) urban centers in Imo State. These urban centers will have over 500 unit housing estates each, modern stadium, medical centers and other infrastructure that will foster urbanization. The Urban areas will become  centers of vibrate economic activities. Jobs will be created in the process.


In addition, every local government will have housing estates, stadiums, health clinics and capital projects that will enhance the standard of living for the residents of that locality.The environmental sanitation of the state have also been positively impacted by the Rescue mission government. The government in partnership with the private sector, have set up hotlines for picking of trash in Owerri and other parts of the state.


One of the most important areas that the Rescue Mission government have impacted the people of Imo State is the area of empowerment. The Governor is using local businessmen as contractors for majority of projects. Many young men and women in the state who ordinarily would have been unemployed are in business as contractors in the state. This method of project contract has created thousands of employment opportunities in the state and  is saving the state lots of money. In addition, the money stays in the state resulting in more robust state economy.


The Governor has also adopted  method of supervising the contracts himself. This style of hands on supervision by the governor cuts down on abandoned projects and shoddy performance by contractors and on time completion of projects. In addition, the Rescue mission style of contract does not include immediate monetary mobilization.Mobilization depends on completing portion of the contract. This method of contract implementation saves the state lots of money and reduces the incidence of fraud and embezzlement.


To improve security and night economy in owerri, street lights are being installed all over the city. The Governor initiated Community Policing by donating hundreds of Hilux Trucks and other equipments to the Police Force. One can attest to appreciable reduction in incidence of crime in the State.

The  Rescue Mission policy have also extended to state pensioners. The okorocha’s government inherited very unsavory pension liability. Many Pensioners had not been paid in years. The Governor as part of his first order of business paid pensioners.


The Rescue Mission Agenda adopted a new brand of Political economy called Rochanomics. This philosophy of running  government emphasizes private sector efficiency. The Governor preaches with passion and conviction that government ministries must operate like business. He believes that to optimize service delivery by government , it’s agencies must operate with business culture and practices. In line with Rochanomics, the Governor has partnered with the private sector in  former  Adapalm and other areas.


The Adapalm partnership has yielded  bountiful benefits to the state.

After evaluating the totality of the Rescue Mission performance thus far,it is the reasoned opinion of this writer, that Rescue Mission agenda have been a resounding  success. Therefore, premises considered , the Rescue Mission government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha is awarded A plus .


Attorney Okey Obi Dike wrote from: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it