Monday, October 18, 2021
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Saturday, 07 August 2010 04:42


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Afripol Organization calls for recalibrating of Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

 Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) for sometime now is encountering numerous problems ranging from illegal and inside trading to financial mismanagement. Stock Exchange Market in global financial circle is seen as the bellwether and presage of the health of an emerging economy like Nigeria, therefore it has become necessary, if not imperative that some sort of reform must be administered and instituted in order to revamp the exchange market

 For any nation that is serious about furthering capitalism on its soil, it must acknowledge the important role occupied by Stock Exchange Market for fuelling and financing industries in the capital market. Nigeria must be very concerned about perceived integrity and transparency of her financial and capital markets for her economic growth and full participation in the current global economy.

 Aliko Dangote, President of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) recently accused the institution of being financial strapped due to mismanagement of its fund. The president of NSE stressed that the poor management and paucity of fund do not give the leverage for NSE to meet its obligations to stakeholders in the capital market.

 NSE plays a vital role in an economy of our country especially Nigeria as an emerging economy must be careful about the image and the underpinning importance of its capital market. Nigeria cannot afford to undermine the trust of the global capital market traders. The consequence will encourage capital flight and withdraw of resources from the market.

"Dangote accused NSE’s management of dipping its hands into the finances of its subsidiary, the Central Securities Clearing System’s (CSCS) accounts to borrow N 900 million to support its cash deficit position.

 Dangote further revealed that the NSE is indebted to the tune of N 119.5 million to Accenture auditing firm and that it has decided to stop additional work on executive selection, trading platform selection completion and implementation of the operating model for which the Exchange engaged its services, until all outstanding invoices are duly paid."

 Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) must not be allowed to become a weakened institution; for the ramifications could cause enormous damage on the growing economy. The deterioration of NSE will retard economic development in Nigeria. NSE is the contact point that brings buyers and sellers of stocks through their registered brokers. The capital and money raised by companies from capital market helps to support research and development, financing of new business entities which bolster economic development.

Nigeria with a strong population base and an expanding middle class sector, nurses the vision of becoming one of the largest economies by year 2020. The NSE can play a vital role in Nigeria’s ascendency to a well managed and optimum productive economy. Moreover the foreign investors are attracted to economies where capital can be raised for growing their companies. Nigeria cannot transform her economic woes by solely on public sector; Nigeria needs private sector with its creativity to grow her economy and starting creating ample jobs for underemployed and unemployed. A strong, reliable and well managed NSE can lay the foundation and become the catalyst for economic growth for Nigeria’s emerging economy.


Afripol Organization recognizes the significance of a self- sustaining and a healthy capital market which is key ingredient for a well regulated commerce, trade and industry in a capitalistic economy. A flourishing economy needs a reliable Stock Exchange Market.

Vincent Ogboi, Senior fellow, economic and financial analyst on African affairs at Afripol, reaffirmed the urgency for reform: "A renowned Nigerian industrialist and President of NSE, Mr. Dangote, also an insider sounded an alarm bell that the Nigerian Stock Exchange is "broke". This coming form an inside player cannot be blown off as just another empty cry for investigation of perceived enemies. The culture of pervasive corruption that has gone unabated since Nigeria’s independence has predictably taken over and erodes the trust of many in the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Once again, hard working average Nigerians who are always asked to play by the rules, are left holding the short end of the stick."

Referring to the recent history of mismanagement of priorities at NSE, expert Ogboi stressed: "The Nigerian Stock Exchange, headed by Dr. (Mrs) Okereke, is widely known for corrupt practices that are never investigated even when evidence abound. The Present Nigerian President, Mr. Jonathan Goodluck, in a swift move realizing the possible damaging impact this could bring to the comatose and oil dependent economy, sacked Mrs. Okereke. Mrs. Okereke’s position has been very controversial especially in the last few years since she started dabbling into other private business ventures that are in obvious conflict with her position as the head of the Stock Exchange. Her closeness to previous and corrupt past Nigerian politicians has certainly not helped the situation."

Emeka Chiakwelu, Principal Policy Strategist at Afripol, supports reforming NSE, "For Nigeria to move forward with a robust economic development especially in the private sector a well regulated and financially managed NSE must be present. Our country must summon the courage to do the requisite reforming of NSE to bring about a revamped outcome."

Dr. G. Stanley O'Koye, chief medical correspondent at Afripol, added that reforming the NSE can be a great tremendous help to the quality and efficiency of health care delivery in Nigeria: "when we have a solid and reliable NSE, many start-up and newly emerging biotech companies and venture capitalists in the area of health and medicine can confidently go to capital market to raise money to embark on their health care ventures. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies producing drugs can easily raise capital to manufacture their brand name drugs in the country. Therefore a corrupt free NSE can significantly help to restore health industries as thriving entities. In addition, a corrupt free NSE will facilitate the establishment of publicly traded third party insurance or health management organizations (HMO), and hence promote the delivery of quality health care to Nigerians."


Africa Political and Economic Strategic Center (Afripol) is foremost a public policy center whose fundamental objective is to broaden the parameters of public policy debates in Africa. To advocate, promote and encourage free enterprise, democracy, sustainable green environment, human rights, conflict resolutions, transparency and probity in Africa.



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