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Nigerian King[s] NEVER Dance Naked!

Written by Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi
President Jonathan (R), Ex-gov  Alamieyeseigha   President Jonathan (R), Ex-gov Alamieyeseigha Photo:

With his recent release of 2013 Presidential Pardon The whole world went haywire never to believe the list of people involved. Some of the controversial lists included: Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, the former governor of the oil-rich state of Bayelsa, who was convicted for money laundering and arrested in UK having laundered $3.2million in cash and Bank accounts and other serious corruption offenses in 2007 and Shettima Bulama who was apprehended for embezzling the funds of his employers, Bank of the North. The American Embassy in Nigeria and Transparency International have ask President Jonathan to rescind his decision.


Also on the lists were: Lt Gen Oladipo Diya [former Chief of General Staff], Major-General Tajudeen Olanrewaju, Major-General AbdulKareem Adisa, Major Bello Magaji, Mohammed Lima Biu, and Major Seun Fadipe.


Akwaaba in Ghana means ‘Welcome’. Akwaaba to Nigeria’s corruption square where the King must not dance naked even if asked to dance to appease the gods. It is a taboo for him to dance naked in the corruption square, he will be shielded by the palace guards.


Plea bargain is now the order of the day as corrupt bank CEOs, federal government officials, NASS members, state and local government officials simply walk Nigeria streets free! “As they must not walk naked”, they cannot be jailed. “Prick your fingers, and a drop of red will appear, not a drop of red but white, or a drop of black".


Plea bargaining is Nigeria’s export to other corruption-riddled nations to copy and emulate. Simply loot or embezzle. Get arraigned in a court of law; go to the court with a cheque. Get sentenced, issue a cheque and you are freed! That's  Nigeria’s ingenuity?


A nation that is bleeding under the scorching hardship inflicted on the masses by the king[s], never to be tried nor sentenced by any law court and  in any case, the king[s] are welcomed back with a live television broadcast thanksgiving, celebrating freedom from the VIP prison with pomp and ceremony. The king[s] must not dance naked as they leave behind endless footprints of corruption and graft!


Is it because I am a Nigerian that I can be so bastardized by my rulers? Show us your face God, the masses of Nigeria are before the hangman!  In pursuit of a better world through one ideology or another, mass graves are being filled.


Most people have become too tolerant of murder, punished it too lightly and excused it by perpetrating the most abominable atrocities against their fellow human beings, when it was in the service of Utopian visions....!


Let the rain come down and wash away Nigeria’s scourge of corruption and save the masses from the shackles of poverty and enslavement, as the king[s] can neither be de-robe, nor allowed to dance naked [go to jail] in the corruption square.


“Nigerians are weeping like a woman for what they cannot have as a man”. In the name of governance the politicians have perpetrated the most abominable atrociousness against their subjects.


Between the conceptions and creation, between the emotions and response....falls the shadow!


Nigeria rulers who should have known justice exploited Nigerians, as if tearing the skin and flesh of sheep and breaking their bones. They are like brier or a thorn hedge. Nigerians get scathed, clothes ripped, dealing with Nigerians unjustly, treacherous and corrupt.


We are like in the midst of their roaring lions; the judges were evening wolves that gnaw Nigerians bones till morning. Nigeria leaders are like rapacious, wild lions, disregarded righteousness, ravenous, insatiable wolves, devouring everything. How could Nigerians standup under this?


Justice has been ripped to shreds by Nigeria leaders who preyed on the people rather than caring for the masses. We dream peace, but we are plaque by war, we cherished law and order, but we are cannot stem the rising tide of robbery, rape, and murder. We want to trust our neighbor but we have to lock our doors for protection.


Nigeria was ranked 139 out of 174 countries in the 2012 Corruptions Perceptions Index. Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission<> has

prosecuted and convicted a number of high-profile corrupt individuals since its inception in 2003, but most of them have escaped effective sanctions. President Goodluck Jonathan is simply working his way for those that, will and can contribute to his supposedly 2015 presidential project


*President Jonathan, remember October 31st, 1517, when the German monk Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the castle church at Wittenberg [Gutenberg], the state of Saxony, Germany in protest!*


Nigerian king[s] NEVER dance naked!

Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi.

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