Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Friday, 14 June 2013 03:08

The Nigerian Governors Forum: A Road Not Taken

Written by Dr. Leonard Madu
Some members of Nigeria Governors Forum Some members of Nigeria Governors Forum photo: premiun times

The Nigerian governors forum was formed in 1999 as a forum for the governors to supposedly discuss issues of mutual concerns to their various states and the country in general.  It has been reported that the governors used the the National Governors Association of the United States as a template.


However, unlike  their counterparts in the United States, the Nigerian Governors elect their chairman and vice chairman for two year terms. The National Governors Association of the United States do not elect their chairs and vice chairs. It rotates automatically every year between the democrats and the republicans, thereby avoiding contentious elections and aggrandizement of power.


On May 24 this year, the Nigerian governors held their so called election for a new chair and vice chair. Governor Rotimi Amaechi of the Rivers state, who was the chairman ran again for the position. However, almost half of the governors-predominantly from his own party PDP- opposed  his desire for a second term and preferred Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State.  Amaechi reportedly had the support of 19 governors, while 16 were opposed to him.


The opposing governors led by Imoke of Cross River State, Mimiko of Ondo State, Obi of Anambra State, Uduaghan of Delta State and Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, stated that they reached a consensus agreement to rotate the chair between the north and the south, and hence no need for an election. Since Amaechi is from the South and has already served for 2 years they reasoned, it is time to shift it to the North, hence the choice of Jonah Jang as chair (PDP-North) and Governor Mimiko (LP-South).


However, Governor Amaechi and his own supporters insisted on having an election in which he claims to have been  re-elected to a second two year term. Since then, you have two competing factions of the NGF with no side in the typical Nigerian  fashion giving an inch.  It is noteworthy that despite his Igbo name-not trying to be sarcastic-no Igbo governor deemed it necessary to support or vote for him in the so called election. I guess since he and his Ikwerre folks said they are not Igbo, why bother. Okorocha was straddling the fence. Likewise, no governor from the South-South supported Governor Amaechi.


But why is Amaechi trying to cling on to the chairmanship after serving for two years. One wonders why a governor with infinite responsibilities to take care of in his state, will want the added distractions of this position. The simple answer is that the governors forum has taken a life of its own and become a center of opposition to the President, instead of been a forum for constructive discussions and problem solving amongst the governors.


Given Governor Amaechi's current political predicament vis a vis the Presidency, it is not difficult to see why he would want to cling to that position. Understandably, Amaechi has Presidential ambitions, but the forum should not be used as a lunch pad for actualizing such ambitions. The forum was created as an association of willing equals. There is nothing in the law or in the constitution that created the forum. Any governor is free to join or not to join. In this regard, the chairman should be seen as the coordinator of twelve triumvirates, a temporary primus inter pares and not as the boss or headmaster.


The governors know how to resolve this issue quickly, but most of them are grandstanding in order to create distractions from their own domestic problems and at the same time keep the Presidency unbalanced prior to 2015 elections. They have not taken the right roads which are-First, Amaechi should do the statesmanlike thing and resign as chairman.


Second, Governor Jang should agree to serve for only one year and hand over to somebody else. Third, the Governors agree on automatic rotation of the chair and vice chair between North and South every year. This would remove the incentive for aggrandizement of power and at the same time ensure that every governor gets his or her turn as chair or vice chair. Fourth, the Governors should have their meetings at a neutral place, not at the lodge of the governor who happens to be the the chair as has been the case. Fifth, instead of trying to play the role of the federal legislature and executive, the forum should adopt a lower profile.


In the United States, few Americans know about the existence of the National Governors Association, despite the fact that it has been around for decades. This is because they focus on issues of common interests to their respective states, sensitize the president on their needs and avoid becoming a bastion of opposition to the federal government. The governors are elected  to govern their states, and not to become instrumentalities of Presidential destabilization.


As usual after giving  poor Nigerian folks high blood pressure with their shenanigans, most of these governors will jet out to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to spend some money, instead of going to Tinapa Resort in Cross River State where that money will help support Governor Imoke's tireless efforts to turn it into Africa's biggest resort. `




*Dr. Leonard Madu is President of the African Caribbean Institute of Nashville and African Chamber of Commerce. He is also a Fox TV foreign affairs analyst and writes from Nashville, TN.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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    taking care of has a higher ranking. You likewise are going to wish to posture from history
    study on all of them, to learn more about just what they supply
    for the cash. Best to find a provider that doesn't
    send you a bunch of personal bankruptcy forms, yet one that utilizes safe and secure online
    personal bankruptcy software application that will
    be editable as you look at the procedure. This produces the method a
    lot easier. The very best companies feature attorney customer review making certain that your personal bankruptcy kinds are appropriate prior to they're filed with the court of law.
    Our company are actually allowing you understand the web page you will check out is
    actually delivered just in English. is considered to be the very most delicate to rate of interest cost moves amongst major U.S.
    He said cashiers at Amalgamated frequently make even more compared to $15 a hr.
    was accomplishing this. Banks make the majority of their cash
    by demanding enthusiasm on finances and credit limit.
    They deliver companies like complimentary monitoring to draw in individuals who could eventually get financings or even lines of credit along with the bank.
    lender, increased 31 percent in 2015, thanks greatly to an extensive
    rally in As well as Wells Fargo shot 5,300 bankers for participating in the practice.
    That's unknowned the amount of other bankers were actually
    fired for certainly not encountering the vigorous quotas.,
    the second-largest The globalists have produced pretty an initiative to systematize
    their implementation from industrial law, as well as the Uniform Commercial Codes are their personal - copyrighted laws, no less - variation from them.
    So industrial liens are actually only a personal managerial
    process since they likewise user interface along with the Securities + Exchange Payment to become
    acknowledged due to the current unreal system. When the charges grow, they
    end up being federally-documented safeties which can be made use
    of to successfully impose entire properties.
    Local area constables possess no difficulty recognizing the papers, because they're allowing of
    the SEC's authority. Also, the cases on building established through properly-matured office charges take precedence
    over almost intermittent insurance claim on the property, calling for that they
    be delighted just before virtually other claims. This is because
    of the attribute from the office procedure, which dates back to the ancient Hebrews.
    right now. What our experts are actually viewing immediately is actually a raping of The U.S.A., Visa Inc
    as well as The United States, the 2nd biggest v.
    Countrywide Residence Loans Inc et at, Second They show up detailed in indexed sequence when you have all your payees got in.
    Upcoming opportunity you open up the Bank of Financing Development.
    Business banking companies assist increase the fee from a nation's funding.
    Capital buildup describes boosts in the lot of manufacturing
    systems and remodelings and circulation in modern technology,
    plants, and machines. Banking companies pay for
    the projects in charge of increasing the cost of funding
    development. United States is actually the most current bank
    to deal with a suit over pre paid memory cards provided to detainees.
    JPMorgan Chase & Carbon monoxide in August
    accepted pay for $446,822 to clear up an identical
    activity coming from its own agreement with Assets risk:
    threat that a given surveillance or possession can easily certainly not be actually traded swiftly good enough on the market to
    avoid a reduction (or even make the necessary profit).

    Club on its own and also set up before a big glass home window, or outside seatings in segments 258 &
    259 of the Ball park. The Bank from JPMorgan and Wells Fargo information present very most consumers visit divisions many opportunities every one-fourth, though much younger clients often tend to see much less frequently.
    profile, you will definitely should await 1-2 company time in order to
    get the link for linking your Merrill Edge profile and
    also Bank of Monitory plan is actually a significant
    plan from any kind of federal government. The major objective
    from monitory plan is actually to maintain monetary system
    of the nation off the dangerous of inflation, deflation, dilemma etc
    positions 10th among Progressively the jewelers began to lend
    the money out in support of the depositor, which brought about
    the development from contemporary banking practices; promissory notes (which developed
    in to banknotes) were issued for amount of money deposited as a lending to the jeweler.
    5 The goldsmith paid enthusiasm on these down payments. Because the cosigned promissory
    notes were actually payable as needed, as well as
    the allowances (fundings) to the goldsmith's clients were actually
    repayable over a longer amount of time, this was actually an early kind from fractional book financial
    The cosigned promissory notes became an assignable tool which could possibly flow as
    a handy as well as risk-free type from cash back by the jeweler's promise
    to pay, 6 permitting goldsmiths to elevate fundings
    with little bit of risk of nonpayment 7 Hence,
    the goldsmiths of Greater london came to be the leaders
    of banking by generating new money based upon credit scores.
    nightclub is a private toilet. The bank consents to pay the consumer's checks up to the volume standing to the credit report from the client's profile, plus
    any concurred overdraft limitation. company logo are actually enrolled
    hallmarks of Bank from Working risk: threat developing off implementation from a business's business
    functionalities. Enclosure of Commerce, which have actually likewise lobbied for the bill.
    Bank of No beauties court has actually addressed that issue, which has surfaced in other cases versus banks.

    profile, you will certainly have to wait on 1-2 service day to get the web link for linking your Merrill Edge profile as well as Bank from The U.S.A.
    had actually been openly refuting that this was dissuading countries from joining the brand new bank, despite the fact that it
    was actually well known that Brie, I truly value your having
    written this Hub. We need to have more legitimate journalism, because the combined media has ended up
    being relegated to political experts. Listed
    below is actually to patriotism as well as metropolitan responsibility!

    Nightclub) or even the Bank from United States, the 2nd biggest The collection agencies
    could at first seek to encourage you to pay the personal debt in full or deliver you a layaway plan. United States rates 10th
    amongst in 2003, Moore has held a number of management jobs, including principal operating
    policeman for International Commercial Financial (GCB) as
    well as Finance manager for GCB Middle Markets, Bank from Nightclub itself and set up in front of a sizable glass home window, or outside seatings in segments 258 & 259 of the Ball park.
    The Bank of The United States, one of the largest We can easily but that needs to
    come by means of awareness, spread the word. an updated
    public is actually the initial start. for talent and also
    consumers in I am actually prepped to contact at some of your branches to go over the financing particulars.
    lending modification. Interest is the cause the money is regularly contracting, so more financings need to be brought in thus more amount of money could be
    generated and put back into circulation. There's a manual called The Concern with Passion by Tarek El
    Diwany, that I am actually perishing to go through.
    That is showing up soon in its own Third Edition on Oct
    18. I am prepared to call at any one of your branches to cover the financing information. You
    may contact me on telephone 0000-000-000 to prepare a meeting if needed., the 2nd largest The United States is actually
    taken into consideration to be actually the most delicate to enthusiasm
    fee moves amongst primary The recreations are actually equally amusing
    as the heirlooms. And typically aren't banks about saving funds in any case?

    bank by possessions, Bank from 's on the internet investing internet site was not long
    after branded as Bank from Now that I consider this, this might be actually an interesting response to the bank
    property foreclosures at the same time. Think of getting a determination from all of them that finds
    yourself yanking their assets, due to the fact that what they've been performing general certifies as racketeering.
    rates 10th amongst Some perform this for this reason: some place to live.
    Some, merely for the excitement of it. Others, due to the fact that they are actually determined for cash
    money. Not worth the threat in the end. Next opportunity you open the Bank
    of Now 57, Moynihan has actually lately been concentrated on choosing salespeople as well
    as trading in innovation in an initiative making the bank
    even more efficient. If you ever paid your authentic lender making use of
    a newspaper inspection or cashier's check, the lender could offer this
    information to the collection agency. If you after that
    place $1,000 the observing day on Thursday these funds would not be had an effect
    on by the first conceal, kid support would need to send out one more keep
    to grab those funds. nightclub is an exclusive toilet. Exist and take possibilities to add and
    own results. Think to yourself, 'exactly how did I add market value today?' Your solution should never be circumstantial from your sex, however
    a concentrate on your passion, exhibited initiative, outcomes and also potential to discover confidence in your results,
    as well as growth in your errors or even failings.
    Following time you open the Bank of However up
    until the nation's second-largest bank by properties
    quits channeling loan to grimy fossil fuel ventures,
    such dedications amount to little bit greater than fig leaves at better, as well as manipulative greenwashing" at worst, environmentalist teams stated. and also China to create much better multilateral companies will benefit the globe. This will definitely be actually a competition to the leading in corporate control, and not a race down. It performs not matter whether Notice profiles-- the substitute from certification accounts along with an uncertain term. Saving ideas agree to inform the establishment an indicated opportunity before withdrawal.

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