Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Monday, 24 June 2013 17:40

Why Nigeria refused to Appeal Bakassi Ruling - Jonathan

Written by Administrator
Bakassi Bakassi

While meeting Nigerian community in Cameroon last Sunday, President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria gave an alibi why Nigeria refused to appeal the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on Bakassi peninsula.


The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled on the favor of Cameroon that brought about the judgement of ceding  Bakassi to Cameroon in  2002.

President Jonathan said, “You all know what happened in Bakassi, there is no need to go back on why we couldn’t appeal. We had no new evidence within the period of time that was given that will make a difference in the judgement. Our people should live a good and decent life in Cameroon. The forces of animosity are gradually dying down and the relationship is improving”.


"According to him, when two countries are friendly, the people of the two countries also tend to be friendly, but when the two countries disagree, their citizens tend to disagree also. He also explained that Nigeria had no new evidence within the period of time that was given that will make a difference in the judgement," The Nation reported.

VOA News reported in October 09, 2012, that "Nigeria says it will not appeal an international court ruling that gave a disputed peninsula, potentially rich in oil, to Cameroon. Nigerian Attorney General Mohammed Bello Adoke said Tuesday that his country will not challenge the 2002 ruling by the International Court of Justice regarding the Bakassi peninsula.


Adoke said Nigeria might instead try to buy the territory back from Cameroon. he 10-year statute of limitations on the ruling expires Wednesday, so residents of Bakassi who consider themselves Nigerian have been increasing pressure for an appeal.


Bakassi is considered a good fishing area and is thought to have large reserves of oil and natural gas.  Nigeria formally handed over the peninsula to Cameroon in 2008."


Many Nigerians were highly disappointed with the  Federal Government of Nigeria that ceded the natural-rich  peninsula without making any effort to make an appeal or pursue diplomatic outlet to recover it.

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