Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Sunday, 22 September 2013 21:01

Nelson Mandela Statue Unveiled in United States

Written by Administrator
Statue of Nelson mandela Statue of Nelson mandela (P. Ndiho/VOA).

A statue of Nelson Mandela, former South African president was unveiled  in Washington, D.C.,  outside the South African Embassy  on Saturday, September 21st, 2013. The site of  Mandela's  statue was where  four protesters were arrested in 1984  that eventually spurred anti-apartheid sanctions against South Africa in America.


South African artist Jean Doyle  sculptured the 3 meter statue from the picture of Mandela as he was leaving South African prison after 27 years of incarceration with his fist held triumphantly in the air as sign of Black  solidarity  and resistant to injustice. The statue is also a replica of the one  situated outside the gates of Drakenstein Correctional Centre in South Africa, a last bus stop,  from where Mandela regain his freedom.


At the base of the statue was a quote from  Mandela's address to United States  joint session of Congress in 1990 after his release from prison. It reads:

"The stand you took established... that here we have friends... fighters against racism who feel hurt because we are hurt, who seek our success because they too seek the victory of democracy over tyranny. I speak... of the millions of people throughout this great land who stood up and engaged the apartheid system in struggle. Let us keep our arms locked together so that we form a solid phalanx against racism... Let us ensure that justice triumphs without delay."

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