Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Saturday, 30 November 2013 00:20

NALC speaks on Anambra Supplemenatry Elections

Written by NALC
L-R) Ngige, Obiano, Ubah and Nwoye L-R) Ngige, Obiano, Ubah and Nwoye

Press Release-Anambra Supplemenatry Elections


The  *Nigerian-American Leadership Council* (NALC) has keenly observed the outcome of the Anambra Governorship elections of November 15, 2013. We note that there were problems in a few local government areas; therefore, Nigeria’s INEC must learn from this exercise and tighten up their act for the next two governorship elections coming up in 2014.


However, we doubt that the isolated problems should be a justification for a total cancellation of this election. Therefore, we believe that Nigeria’s INEC is within its constitutional right to schedule a “Supplementary Election” in the affected areas as they have done.



Sam Okey Mbonu Executive Director of the Nigerian-American Council (NALC),  with Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the new Assistant Secretary of State for Africa.


We note that some candidates are unhappy with their total performance in the elections; and are therefore reluctant to participate in the Supplemental election. We urge those aggrieved candidates to go to the Judiciary with proof of their allegations, because all parties had a chance to monitor this election for potential breaches of the polls.



At the end of this election, we ask the losing candidates to congratulate the winner, as there can only be one winner; and Anambra cannot afford to waste political energy fighting an unending electoral war. Finally, we congratulate the people of Anambra for setting the standard of a violence-free election in Nigeria. We note that “The Light of The Nation” is back!



Signed: U. Lisa Eric, Media Relations,  *Nigerian-American Leadership Council * 1701 Pennsylvania Ave, Suite 300, NW Washington, DC 20006

Web:  Tel:

202 379-2848, Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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