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Mandela-An Ode to Madiba

Written by S. Okey Mbonu

The day is finally here Madiba,

the agonizing wait is over, as you take your final bow


If man-made medicine could add

one-more year, we would have given it to you


If another warm blanket will give

you succor, we would have given it to you


But alas, we watched as your

fiery eagle-wings lowered for the final descent


Yes, we watched as the fervent lion

lowered its gaze, and the flags lowered in unison


We watched as the brave one

prepared for the inevitable nightfall


Tonight, your mighty princely

walk will not spring forth


Yes, your wizened gray will not

comfort us, as it used to


Before you Madiba, we thought we

knew it all, our rage very justified


But your indomitable spirit dealt

the blow for us, as “apartheid” lay in a heap


We marveled as “apartheid” came down

swiftly, with a mighty blow of conscience


Your job is done now Madiba, and we

can see you wink from above, as we wipe tears of gratitude




You are still a prince, a king, a

president, a prophet, and a warrior; and we will not forget that forever!



S. Okey Mbonu is the Executive Director and CEO of Washington, DC based Nigerian-American Leadership Council


December 6, 2013, Washington,

DC, USA, Copyright Reserved

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