Saturday, August 15, 2020
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ideas have consequences

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Saturday, 11 January 2014 19:07

Ebira's; Marching, Marching On!

Written by Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi

They have a sprawling community in Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State and in Shahsha, Lagos State. Alhaji Ado Ibrahim, Alhaji Adamu Attah, Lt.Gen. Salihu Ibrahim, Alhaji Isa Ozi Salami, Eng.Joe Makoju, Mr Tom Adaba, Mr Patrick Adaba, Adinoyi Oukaba Ojo, late Senator AT Ahmed, Mr Philip Salawu, Senator Ohiare; home to Africa's largest and biggest steel company, Ajaokuta Steel Company, these are the general compendium of Ebiras in the Kogi State Central Senatorial District with four local goverrnment areas namely; Okene, Adavi, Ihima and Okehi, still insecurity, army of unemployed youths, cached of arms, and poverty pervades the Ebiraland. Ebiraland is on the restless sea of time, with sombre skies and howling tempest of unending wars!



The entire Ebiraland has been unsettled since politicians maneuver their ways into the minds of Ebira youths and si nce then Ebiraland has been turned into theater of war, and has not known peace ever since. These are the pains and agonies of the Ebiras.



A walk through some quarters in Okene, Ogaminnana, Kuroko, Adavi, Okengwen, and Adavi-eba leaves one with eyesore; burnt vehicles and house, abandoned houses, charred vehicles and near total annihilation of it's citizens by these sponsored political thugs. hile Ebiraland burns , the political elite find safe haven in Abuja.



The youths has turned their anger on prominent Ebira sons and daughters, some whom when died are not allowed to be buried on Ebira soil,in one of his piece, 'Adinoyi Onukaba Ojo, describe Ebiraland, as a land under siege'. The rampaging sponsored political thugs does not look beyond today, but rather they see an opaque future, because of their situations and conditions.



Thousands of Ebira youths could be seen idling away at motor arks, under trees and make-shift shops. The quick to violent reaction among Ebira youths is a pointer to the state of hopelessness and abandonment of these future Ebira leaders by past and present crop of Ebira political class and elites who use these youths to feather their political nest and ambitions. The wanton destruction of Ebiraland by it's youth should become the central objective of the Ebiral General Assembly.



There is one thing you cannot take away from the Ebira's, they have never converted their land into religious theater of war, despite their mixed religious adherents [Christianity, Moslem and Traditional], a rich cultural tribe, deeply rooted in culture, noted for their fantastic fabrics and beni-seed [goringo] and the now banned cultural festivals; Ekwechi and Echane, yet Ebiraland has not known peace!



What are the genesis of these fratricidal wars? Who are the sponsors of these unending madness? Ebiraland has become desolate [despite Okene becoming the fastest growing commercial city in Kogi State], due to the incessant fratricidal wars amongst it's youths. Ebiraland is been depleted  due to these wars! How long will these fratricidal rages? The Ohinoyi of Ebiraland and Ebira General Assembly should act now. Enough of these madness by the Ebira youths. The hope of these youths is built on nothing but emptiness of the future!



God give the Ebira's the strength to ever do the right and grace to conquer these endless fratricidal fight and wars to put and end to AGONIES of this tribe called Ebira! Amazing grace! How sweet the sound, that saved a wretched tribe like Ebira's, they were once lost but now they are found, once blind but now about to see, through many dangers, fight and destruction, they have already come this grace hath brought the Ebira's. And definitely this GRACE will lead Ebira's home to unite once again!



Would Ebiraland be free from burden of war[s]? Not a burden will they bear, not a wailing's nor mourning's, but a bless and a united tribe, if they trust each other. "The Ebira's are weeping like a woman for what they cannot defend as a man".



Farewell to wars in Ebiraland; agonies of this tribe. "Ohomorihi maku avo"!



Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi.

Alternate Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Cells:+234 [0] 701-224-8573.

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Twitter: @Taiwo387

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