Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Monday, 10 March 2014 22:02

Africa must deliver Europe from its darkness – Otabil

Written by Ghana Web
Dr Mensa Otabil Dr Mensa Otabil

Africa must deliver Europe from its darkness – Otabil


Motivational Speaker and Preacher, Dr Mensa Otabil says it is time for Africa - "the centre of Christianity" in the world - to rescue Europe from its “darkness.”


The International Central Gospel Church general overseer says despite the fact that Africa received the Christian gospel from European missionaries hundreds of years ago, the West has now sunk into darkness and needs Africa to show it the light.


Dr Otabil told his congregation in Church on Sunday that Africa has become the fulcrum of Christianity in the world and must now rescue her Christian benefactor.


“Hundreds of years ago, the gospel came to us from Europe; great missionaries came, laboured here, some of them died. Some of them took 20 years, 30 years to have their first converts. So many were killed just by malaria and new missionaries came. Eventually the gospel took roots in Africa; in Ghana, Nigeria and the rest of Africa and now, the Church is growing fast in Africa than the rest of the world.


“The centre of Christianity is no longer Europe, it’s Africa, and Europe is now the ‘dark’ Continent of Europe. They need the gospel. But whose gonna give them the gospel? Those they gave the gospel to 200 years ago. We took the seed. We have produced the seed. Now we have to take the seed back to the people who came to sow the seed to us,” Pastor Otabil said.

Source: Ghana Web

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