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George W Bush painted world leaders including Africans

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George W. Bush painting by George W. Bush George W. Bush painting by George W. Bush

George W Bush, former US President has another side of him that the public rarely seem or noticed.  On Saturday of  April 5th he shown his exhibitions of the painting of 24  world political leaders and heads of state including three African presidents that he shared the world stage during his tenure.


George W. Bush unveils portraits of Putin and Blair AP/Benny Snyder


Olusegun Obasanjo and  John Kufuor, former presidents of Nigeria and Ghana together with the current Liberian president,Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Rwandan President Paul Kagame were painted by the  former US President, George W Bush,  who insisted that he is  "not a great painter". But that  maybe an understatement because  the paints were anything but sophisticated and  enrichly captivating.




Bush said  that his inspiration came from, Winston Churchill  that war prime minister of Britain during Second World War who  picked up the painting after political life.

Photo/source: George W. Bush painting by George W. Bush
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