Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Sunday, 23 August 2015 19:47

 President Buhari and March 28th 2015 Date In History!

Written by Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi
President Buhari swearing oath of office President Buhari swearing oath of office

Nigeria political history, March 28th 2015 will surely become ‘’Today In History’’, a day Muhammadu Buhari after waiting patiently for 15years wrestle the power from self proclaimed African monolith political party, PDP [that promised to rule Nigeria for 50years]. It was indeed a day in history, some called it I"des of March", ‘’Tsunami’’, "Buharicane’’, Sinking of PDP Armada [my piece in April, 2013] with world leaders hailing this moment of decision!

Across the entire length and breadth of Nigeria, the voters were really craving for change. The rot every section of Nigeria has eaten too deep into fabrics of government at the center, bastardize federal civil service, unemployment, epileptic and erratic power supply, insecurity, lame defense, defiled first lady, police gangster, political bigotry, poor health services, poor roads and educational system bungled, judiciary not vibrant, ostentatious displays of ill gotten wealth, constituencies allowances diverted e.t.c. 

The voting pattern was unique for the first time, the south west [progressives] align with the north to form the government at the center. Outgoing president Good luck Jonathan must have had his hand full. From Olusegun ‘’Irumale’’ Obasanjo tacit withdrawal of support and the defection of some PDP governors. Jonathan must have read the ominous sign but did not want to weep like a woman for what he cannot defend as a man.

From across the Niger consultations Olusegun Obasanjo was making, it was sure bet Jonathan will not be re-elected. Observers say Olusegun Obasanjo detest being beaten. If Jonathan was re-elected, he will be spending 10years as Nigeria president dusting Obasanjo 8years tenure.

Jonathan must have learnt his lessons by now as regard the north [politically] Namadi Sambo home state was simply a no-go area for PDP, nothing can be more than wash out. Kano state played a crucial role with Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Emir of Kano state [Jonathan enemy] and Engr. Rabiu Kwankwaso, the outgoing governor of the state, coupled patience Jonathan outburst that the north gave birth to ‘uncared for child’ it was a tonic APC used. Bauchi State PDP’s Chairman Alhaji Adamu Muazu home state fall to the rampaging APC ‘Buharicane’, ‘Tsunami’.

The South West has effectively been under APC [except Ekiti and Ondo States], Lagos State, Bola Ahmed’s territory is for close for PDP (with chief bode George already preparing to go on self exile] Ogun State, APC vice president Prof  Yemi Osibanjo home state [Ogun State) is also for close for PDP. Oyo state also re-enacted ‘A Day in history’ as Senator Abimbola Ajimobi was also re-elected the first time in the history of the state for a governor to serve two times in office. The amazing and most interesting scenario was the sweeping of the entire north central  by APC speared by the emerging Tiger of Kwara State politics; Senator Bukola Saraki- the heir apparent of Saraki dynasty and The Senate President.

The South East and South South still align with PDP [hoping that Jonathan will be re-elected and possibly be rewarded the South East with an additional state] and may possibly loss out [appointment] in the coming APC government [who dominated the Senate and House of Representatives] and the Igbo’s dream of Nigeria’s no1 seat looks gloomier with the present scheme of things!

The was fought with PDP itself to name calling, mudslinging. The media was a washed with dirty documentaries, distorted facts, vulgarism words, pull-him-down [PhD] raw commentaries international media has various times recommend Muhammadu Buhari to clean up the mount of mess Jonathan has piled up. It is indeed a today in history, March 28th, 2015. Mohamamadu Buhari sank the PDP Armada in the ides of north, it was a moment in Nigeria and the worked in history, jubilation across. Outgoing Jonathan, magnanimously congratulates Muhammadu Buhari hours before the final results was   announced and released, it was a face saving.

The untouchables; Deziani, Alison Maduekwe, Madam Patience Jonathan [the infamous Africa’s  first lady mission house], Ali-modu Sherriff, Adamu Muazu, and fuel subsidy scam culprits be immediately brought to justice let Muhammadu Buhari APC led government [known for his no nonsense tracts] and the national assembly array. These UNTOUCHABLE, before a court of law  and sentence accordingly, if found guilty as charged.

What the town trodden Nigerians are craving from Muhammadu Buhari led APC government are;  fair distribution of resources, average living conditions, empowerment, security, good and improved health care services, rural and roads development, accountability and prudent management of Nigeria resources, corruption free judiciary and quick dispensation of justice, equality, patriotism, altitude, determination and Nigeria spirit.

Muhammadu Buhari must be savoring one of united kingdom’s outstanding prime minister, Winston Churchill statement; ‘’I have nothing except my blood, my tears and my sweat’, on Saturday 28th March, 2015, ‘the gong of taboo sounded!’ PDP’s 50years superfluous projecting of ruling Nigeria in confine to the dustbin of history!

Nigerians has endured the PDP disaster government for about 16years patiently and their cries have reached their creator, it was ‘AHIMSA!’ [peaceful change] Mahatma Gandhi; apostle of peaceful change; ‘’he, who makes peaceful change impossible, makes violent change Inevitable’’. And as president good luck Jonathan intends handing over to Buhari APC led government on May 29th, 2015, exactly 2months after his defeat. Buhari and March 28th, 2015. What a Date In History! What an Ides of March!


Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi  writes from Lagos, Nigeria

Last modified on Sunday, 23 August 2015 19:54

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