Friday, February 23, 2018
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ideas have consequences

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 03:12

Umunna on Britain's EU and Obama's "part Kenyan president"comment

Written by Chuka Umunna
MP Chuka Umunna MP Chuka Umunna

In this article , MP Chuka Umunna writes on Mayor Johnson racist attack on Obama's heritage and Britain's European Union membership

The last fortnight feels like a turning point in the EU referendum campaign. In the last two weeks alone, respected financial institutions like the Treasury, the IMF, the World Bank and the Institute for Fiscal studies have all crunched the numbers and declared unequivocally that

Britons are far better off 'in' the European Union. In desperation, having promised to not run a campaign anchored by immigration, that is exactly what Vote Leave are now doing.

The unofficial leader of the Leave campaigns - Boris Johnson - in particular, urges people to vote to leave in order to take back 'control'.

This is among the most fatuous arguments peddled by the Leave campaigns. You do not increase your control by giving up power and influence. Britain has always pooled sovereignty in order to increase our power.

We have long signed treaties and joined international institutions. Does being a member of the UN or Nato undermine our ability to control our own destiny? Of course not.

Boris got his response to the US President in first, before Air Force One had even touched British soil. Outrageously, he suggested Mr Obama's support for Britain remaining in the EU was perhaps motivated by his 'part-Kenyan ancestral dislike of the British Empire'.

Putting aside the disgraceful slur that those of us with heritage from Commonwealth countries are somehow less patriotic towards our great country, this was straight out of the playbook of that other blonde bombshell seemingly keen on Brexit – Donald Trump.

The British people are interested in what the leader of our closest ally has to say, regardless of where his parents are from.

This referendum is the biggest choice we will take as a country for a generation and, as Obama says, it is for the British people to decide. What is wrong in hearing from our friends and independent experts?

The only major leader I can think of who will delight in Brexit is Russia's increasingly aggressive President Vladimir Putin. This is the company Boris is keeping these days.

Chuka Umunna is a member of British Parliament. He is a British of  Igbo-Nigerian heritage.




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