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Kofi Annan: Africa must stop voting for Old Men

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"African Citizens Must Stop Voting for Old Aged Men Above 70yrs Into Leadership" - Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan, the former United Nations secretary general has blamed poor state of goverance in Africa due old aged men in power.  The former UN Boss made the observation in Namibia  at the just concluded  world changers  summit .

His words:  “Africa has great values to depend upon, Africa could be independent, but we have too many old men at the presidency, some are above 70yrs, and what do you expect them to do?”.

This shocking view was made to inspire Africans to choose a more younger and better men and women into power rather than old men. Ghana is a typical example where the peace maker hails from. check the list below to see the number of African leaders Kofi Annan is talking about.

Annan further stressed that: ‘African politicians must learn to retire at a minimum age of 70yrs, but rather we have packed old men in our leadership, how could we move forward. Some are even above 80yrs and still ruling’

Kofi Annan was encouraging youthful goverance and leadership in Africa. But he is not the only one singing the forbidden song .  ​Renowned philanthropist, ​Mohammed “Mo” Ibrahim has also in the past challenged the young people to rise to the challenge of governing the continent and relinquish  old aged leadership.

Mo” Ibrahim  said, “You see people at 90 years and about to start new terms, you guys are crazy or what (he said referring to youths in attendance). “We see people in wheelchairs unable to raise hands standing for election. This is a joke; you are free to laugh…the whole world already laughing at us."

"The US, the most important country in the world, like it or not…Obama who is half African anyway was 46, 47 years. If ​Obama was in Kenya, ​what would he be doing, ​he would ​be driving bus​ maybe.​ “And he was not youngest president. (Bill) Clinton and (JF) Kennedy were even younger. ​Why these big countries lead… men in their 40s entrust their nuclear weapon, economies, all resources. And we only pick up men at 90s to lead us; to lead us where? To the grave?"

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