Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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ideas have consequences

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Monday, 01 October 2018 17:54

Nigeria – A testament Derailed (Poem for Independent Anniversary@58)

Written by Emeka Chiakwelu
Nigeria – A testament Derailed (Poem for Independent Anniversary@58) Nigeria map

Nigeria – A testament Derailed 
(Poem for Independent Anniversary@58)
By Emeka Chiakwelu

Chaffs of blown rice scattered on the plain
The requisite joy of the moment derailed
The wind blowing could not stop
Therefore the chaffs flowing in the wind propagate

Once a dream bored out of sweat of the framers
Illusion of reality was the celebration
Yet a distance journey to the desired land
The nature and its rules eclipse the reality
It was dream handed with pale leprous hand
Therefore infection of mind looted in the wind
Seeds of hope overrun by shrubs of the bush

Deceived in the beginning with a promise of greatness
It was just nothing but a pledge
The fainted mind misunderstood a mirage
Tumultuous winding funnel of mirage
That was not a reality – it’s a figment of imagination
Buried in the scales of thought yet to hatch 
Rasped in the rapidity of the moment

Just an infant of mediocre residing in fantasy
When are you going to grow up?
You think that a promise is guarantee
Only a fool thinks he is flying without wings
O the sweat that flowing through your wrinkled face
A merchant of dreams refuse to reconcile a reality of wisdom

What is the reality- tell the perfect thought
That’s the problem again
Nothing, nothing is perfect in the mundane earth
Therefore go on dreaming and refuse to wake from sleeping
Noise of greatness was the snoring from deep sleep
O rivers and streams are great too when left a virgin

The sun rises from the east but sets in the west
Too difficult for a simpleton to comprehend
Boiling winds of destruction have compassed 
The tolerance of thought hindered
Tell us how to be free when mind is empty
Stars are no bright enough to see
Darkness have engulfed the land
The blind and those with perfect sight wondered in darkness.
That’s the blind spot of progress
Reposted and crystallized in the hour of darkness

Can the water be drink?
Where is the water to be drink?
How come you do not listen?
The chaffs covered the drinking water
The episodic sorrow of lost enveloped 
Freedom is what the craving is all about 
To the huts Oh’ Nigerians.

Emeka  Chiakwelu, Principal Policy Strategist at AFRIPOL. His works have appeared in Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes and many other important journals around the world. His writings have also been cited in many economic books, publications and many institutions of higher learning including Harvard Education and Oxford University. Africa Political & Economic Strategic Center (AFRIPOL) is foremost a public policy center whose fundamental objective is to broaden the parameters of public policy debates in Africa. To advocate, promote and encourage free enterprise, democracy, sustainable green environment, human rights, conflict resolutions, transparency and probity in Africa. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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