Monday, March 08, 2021
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Wednesday, 04 September 2019 15:25

POEM : What Rain anyway?

Written by Administrator


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What Rain anyway?
By Emeka Chiakwelu

Siliceous tiny droplets water flowing
Arousing the atmospheric haughty cloud
Sunlight giving away to sunset
Not really indeed, it was a cloudy sky
A metaphor for the coming rain
Season for everything, a season for rainfall
The golden molecules stars emitting
Falling from the remote sky
The melting bubbles of the chicly cloud
Comes to the earth to reside
You said, “This is not a rain”
But I disagree for the ground is wet
Yet body soaking with flowing matter

Raining commencing to emit its glorious bubbles
Falling on the swollen face of agility
Did you not convince me to come?
The promise that rain cease to pour down
It was raining..But where is the falling water
Slabs of frozen pebbles were a mirage
Look under your feet, the soil is wet

This is not rain
This is falling pebbles of ice
Throwing on the naked faces of rigidity
On the soil it pours
Yet the fugacity of depravity comes not
The rains continues to pour down
Umbrella was built in awkward modus
Not wholly protected from the rain

At edges water continues to beat from all corners
Loose water running from the edges
Try staying in the middle point
That did not shield from rain
Cloths by now is wet
Throw away the unfulfilled umbrella
Is of no use anymore when totally wet
Porosity it was not raining
Unwavering points of sagacious rain

Winding dust has come and gone
Strenuous sky is calm and clear
Come out the sun now
Clearly I can see crystal clear
For the rain is gone
And sunshine becomes imminent

@CopyrightEmeka Chiakwelu


Last modified on Wednesday, 04 September 2019 15:31

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