Monday, March 08, 2021
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Tuesday, 04 February 2020 23:58

Dr. Mbonu Dialogues Insecurity in Nigeria with US Amb. Leonard

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US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonar  and Dr. Mbonu (R) US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonar and Dr. Mbonu (R)

At Washington DC  Mbonu Meets New US Ambassador to Nigeria in Washington DC-Discusses Insecurity In Nigeria.


Executive Director of Nigerian-American Council (NAC), and Former Presidential Aspirant in 2019, Dr. Okey Samuel Mbonu, yesterday met with the new US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, in Washington DC, to discuss matters of rising international concern on Nigeria, especially on security and other important matters.

In a brief statement, issued on the sidelines of a Nigeria Event at the Washington DC think-tank, "Center for Security and International Studies (CSIS)", Mbonu said, “the current government in Nigeria may have abdicated its duty to protect its citizens, especially Nigerian Christians, of which images of horrific murders, by Nigerian terrorists, are now at the center of the world attention”.

Mbonu said, “where the government fails to live up to its primary responsibility, of ensuring the safety and security of citizens, they may leave citizens with no option but to revert to the basic human doctrine of self-defense”.

On the direction of Nigeria's political future, Mbonu said, “equity and convention dictates the next President of Nigeria in 2023 would be from the Southeast region of Nigeria”.

On why more political leaders of Nigeria did not speak-out per the murder of visible Christian leaders, such as the Chairman of the "Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)" in Adamawa State, Mbonu said, “many of the Southern and Northern leaders, including Christian political leaders, are enmeshed in massive corruption, which makes them afraid to speak-out, because they fear a dusting up of their corruption files”.

Mbonu also stated that he believes that “2023 will usher-in completely new leadership in Nigeria, it will be an opportunity for new-generation leaders with zero corruption baggage, and 21st Century credentials to emerge on the political stage”.


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