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President Goodluck Jonathan is the likely winner of presidential election 2011

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President Goodluck Jonathan President Goodluck Jonathan Photograph: Godwin Omoigui/AP

President Jonathan sets for  landside  victory

The most peaceful and credible presidential election ever held  in Nigeria is setting  a victory for the incumbent Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan.  With the returns from 29-30 states out of 36 states of Nigerian federation, President Jonathan have garnished a majority, and 25% of the vote in each of two-thirds of of the released results including winning the federal capital territory Abuja. President Jonathan of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) appears unstoppable with the closest challenger Rtd. General Buhari of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC)trailing behind.

According Wall Street Journal, "After Saturday's polling, which saw unprecedented turnout, Mr. Jonathan had an early lead, according to results read aloud on national television by the Independent National Electoral Commission, or INEC. Mr. Jonathan had about 63% of the votes to Mr. Buhari's 28% as of late Sunday.

Final results aren't expected until Monday morning. The winner will have to secure a simple majority, and 25% of the vote in each of two-thirds of Nigeria's 36 states. Failing those benchmarks, the voting could go to a runoff. But that possibility seemed unlikely after the initial tally."

On the INEC declared and released results, PDP's President Jonathan  won 21 states and gathered  25% in 27 states out of 36 states and thereby fulfilling the requirements for victory.




Electoral officer crosschecks names on a voters' register before the start of parliamentary elections in Surulere district in Lagos, Nigeria, on 9/4/11


An electoral officer counts ballots as people watch at the end of the parliamentary elections in Oshodi district in Nigeria"s commercial capital of Lagos April 9, 2011