Saturday, August 08, 2020
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ideas have consequences

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Monday, 09 January 2012 19:45


Written by Peter Chidi Eze
President Jonathan President Jonathan



"President Goodluck Jonathan going tough," was how the Sun's newspaper described the president's declaration of state of emergency in 15 local governments of four states namely, Borno, Gombe , Niger and Platue states There were also follow up articles from many Nigeria's newspapers of president Jonathan summoning security chiefs including the police IG. Something I have read for more than 20 times each time boko haram, the well organized, sponsored and supported Islamic terrorists by the north struck.


My questions; why is the state of emergency so selective? What sense does it make to declare state of emergency in few towns and call it state of emergency? Why did it take so many deaths of innocent Nigerians who worked hard, lived right and had right to be protected by the national security operators, for the president to partially did what he ought to have done long time ago?


Borno , Gombe and Platue states have witnessed too many destruction of lives and properties, the president would only whine and summon his security chiefs. The terrorists reigned havoc at the police head quarters in Abuja nothing happened to them. Instead some police officers were arrested and put on trial for killing a terrorist. The same terrorists extended their deadly destruction at the UN Building in Abuja. Again they were treated with impunity. Then here comes the December 25, 2011 suicide bombing of four churches killing people who went to worship at those churches. A challenge and an affront to God Almighty, the only solution for the president was again summon his security chiefs and introduced partial action in 15 local governments, an action too small and too late. You cannot just raise the carpet and sweep the dirt under the carpet and path your self on the chest that you have swept the floor clean.


This man has been a president since May of 2010 at the death of Yar'Dua, there has not been a single thing in the name of national development that could be attributed to him. In April 2011, he stood for an election, the entire south of the country proudly and massively voted for him with great hope of rewriting Obasanjo's wrongs against the south. He was sworn in to office May 29, 2011. His first act was to elongate the president and governors term of office for seven years. The second act was to northernize the police force, the judiciary, the custom service and the financial sector of the national economy.



The police IG, the minister of justice, the chief justice of the federation, the president of the federal court of appeal, the director general of the Nigerian custom service, the governor of central bank of Nigeria whose aim and aspiration is to introduce Islamic banking in Nigeria are all northerners. I have no problem with the appointment of the northerners as long as their appointment was based on merit , but look at the decay in the Nigerian police, the judiciary, the ministry of justice, the Nigerian custom service, the status of national currency, the naira, the level of the national reserve which I understood to be in 50s at 2006. Well, Mr. President has just confirmed that he is a very weak man incapable of presiding over the national affairs of Nigeria to provide the nation with proper and adequate protection through his recent utterances and his appointments. His recent confirmation was a statement credited to him that he is slow to avoid mistakes. I wonder who are advising him.


There has been mixed reaction towards the petroleum subsidy removal. What Nigerians need is the corrupt subsidy removal and corrupt-fraudulent officials removal. He can start by removing the police IG, the corrupt judicial officers, all the security chiefs including the so called SSS, the governor of central bank and retinue of his idle advisers.

Peter Eze is a Space Aviation Consultant



















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