Saturday, March 06, 2021
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You are here:Home>>Strategic Research & Analysis>>GOVERNOR OKOROCHA’S RESCUE MISSION AGENDA: A REPORT CARD
Sunday, 18 March 2012 20:50


Written by Dr Okey Obi Dike
Governor Rochas Okorocha, Imo state Governor Rochas Okorocha, Imo state

Governor Rochas Okorocha adopted Rescue Mission mantra as the political philosophy of his government.

Another word for rescue is salvage or liberate.  Rescue Mission therefore, is a political principle based on libration from political bondage.The Rescue Mission Political philosophy is grounded  on restoration of the fundamental essence of government, which is  to create an environment where the people are secured in their rights to good life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Its objective is to help the people to fully optimize the benefits of government. The Rescue Mission is based on correcting the ills of past dysfunctional governments and to bring good life, to the people of Imo State.


After months in operation, the question is, has the Rescue Mission agenda made a difference in the lives of the people of Imo State. Has the Governor delivered on the promises of his rescue mission agenda. In evaluating the performance of most governments, eight months is too short to use as a perimeter to judge their performance. However Rochas Okorocha at his swearing speech stated that he is in a hurry to deliver on his rescue mission agenda. Therefore,    we must evaluation his performance based on  eight months’ timeline.


A leader leads best when he can inspire his people. Owelle Rochas okorocha’s optimism and his zealous belief in the greatness of Imo State,  has been inspirational to the people. Our people had lost confidence in government.  Government has had a huge credibility problem, and the conventional wisdom was that government  is the problem and not the solution. The Governor’s prudent and frugal life style, his zeal and optimism, is changing how the people view government. Imo State Citizens are having attitudinal change.  Imolites are starting to believe in the goodness of government . Government , they now believe, can be a positive agent for uplifting the lives of the people.  The Governors leadership by example is inspiring Imolites to believing that IMO must be better.


The centerpiece of the Rescue Mission agenda was free quality education. The Governor during the campaign was very passionate about extending the opportunities of quality education to families who could not afford to go to school. Upon assuming office ,  Owelle by executive ordered, declared primary and secondary education free. He added monetary incentive for attendance and also a program to help disadvantaged families with school uniform and supplies. Additionally, the rescue mission government embarked on rebuilding the dilapidated school infrastructures.


The governments have embarked on a project to build a model,  state of the art primary school in every ward in the state.

As part of his reviving the educational standard of Imo State, the government of Owelle is relocating IMSU to a permanent site. The site is designed to provide a conducive environment for competitive quality university education. The university when completed will be one of the finest universities in Africa.

Road revolution,  is how an observer described the road networks  being constructed in Imo by Owelles Rescue Mission Government. Owelle as a businessman believes that with proper infrastructural  development, an industrial base can thrive in Imo State.


Governor Rochas Okorocha Sworn-In ceremony at Owerri

An integral part of providing the enabling superstructure for economic growth in the state, is the aggressive road networks being developed by Owelle’s government. The most aggressive and ambitions road construction since the Marshall’s plan in Europe, is  currently going on in IMO State.

To diversify the economy of the state, the government has embarked on a program to revive  and jumpstart tourism in the state. Oguta Lake of Treasure is not just getting a face lift, its being designed as a  first class tourist resort.


Part of the lake is being transformed into a beach. The abandoned Oguta Motel has been remodeled and a modern conference center in under construction.

The flagship hotel in IMO state, Concord, is being aggressively remodeled. The properties around Concord, including the commissioners’ estate has been remodeled. The Concord Strip looks like the world famous Las Vegas Strip. The area looks breathtakingly beautiful.


Imo State can only boast of Owerri as its only big city. The Rescue Mission policy of the Governor, subscribes to the belief that,  for Imo to thrive, it must develop more cosmopolitan urban centers.  To actualize the urbanization of Imo State, the Rescue Mission government has embarked on developing five (5) urban centers in Imo State. These urban centers will have over 500 unit housing estates each, modern stadium, medical centers and other infrastructure that will foster urbanization. The Urban areas will become  centers of vibrate economic activities. Jobs will be created in the process.


In addition, every local government will have housing estates, stadiums, health clinics and capital projects that will enhance the standard of living for the residents of that locality.The environmental sanitation of the state have also been positively impacted by the Rescue mission government. The government in partnership with the private sector, have set up hotlines for picking of trash in Owerri and other parts of the state.


One of the most important areas that the Rescue Mission government have impacted the people of Imo State is the area of empowerment. The Governor is using local businessmen as contractors for majority of projects. Many young men and women in the state who ordinarily would have been unemployed are in business as contractors in the state. This method of project contract has created thousands of employment opportunities in the state and  is saving the state lots of money. In addition, the money stays in the state resulting in more robust state economy.


The Governor has also adopted  method of supervising the contracts himself. This style of hands on supervision by the governor cuts down on abandoned projects and shoddy performance by contractors and on time completion of projects. In addition, the Rescue mission style of contract does not include immediate monetary mobilization.Mobilization depends on completing portion of the contract. This method of contract implementation saves the state lots of money and reduces the incidence of fraud and embezzlement.


To improve security and night economy in owerri, street lights are being installed all over the city. The Governor initiated Community Policing by donating hundreds of Hilux Trucks and other equipments to the Police Force. One can attest to appreciable reduction in incidence of crime in the State.

The  Rescue Mission policy have also extended to state pensioners. The okorocha’s government inherited very unsavory pension liability. Many Pensioners had not been paid in years. The Governor as part of his first order of business paid pensioners.


The Rescue Mission Agenda adopted a new brand of Political economy called Rochanomics. This philosophy of running  government emphasizes private sector efficiency. The Governor preaches with passion and conviction that government ministries must operate like business. He believes that to optimize service delivery by government , it’s agencies must operate with business culture and practices. In line with Rochanomics, the Governor has partnered with the private sector in  former  Adapalm and other areas.


The Adapalm partnership has yielded  bountiful benefits to the state.

After evaluating the totality of the Rescue Mission performance thus far,it is the reasoned opinion of this writer, that Rescue Mission agenda have been a resounding  success. Therefore, premises considered , the Rescue Mission government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha is awarded A plus .


Attorney Okey Obi Dike wrote from: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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