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Saturday, 14 July 2012 20:15

IGBO : Nigeria's Black Jews re-discovered

Written by Rabbi Levi Brackman ▪ Rivkah Lubitch
 Igbo Jews at Prayer services at the local synagogue Igbo Jews at Prayer services at the local synagogue

New Yorker's documentary takes in depth look at Igbo tribe in Nigeria and their path at rediscovering Jewish heritage

A new documentary by New Yorker Jeff Lieberman called Re-Emerging: The Jews of Nigeria is taking an in depth look into one of the most unique 'Jewish' communities in the world: The Igbos of Nigeria.

Lieberman's film is a rare testimonial to the daily life of a group that for years has been living off the official Jewish radar and in a political atmosphere of massacres between Christians and Muslims with the constant threat of destruction over their heads.

Vibrant and joyous it celebrates what it sees as its Jewish roots. Make no mistake, this is Africa, but Africa Jewish style.

So how did Jews get to Africa? And why has no one heard of this community until now? That question has a simple enough answer: The group is part of one of the largest ethnic tribes in Nigeria; the Igbo. A tribe with millions of people and the Jewish community making up only a small fraction of that number.

'Nigeria's Jews'

Lieberman explains that the unique situation of the community in Nigeria is a direct result of local history. The Igbo were influenced by traditions brought in by the missionaries who came to the region in the time of British colonialism.


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Nigeria's black Jews re-discovered - YNET News


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