Thursday, October 01, 2020
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Wednesday, 04 August 2010 23:10

The evolution of Rev. Al Sharpton: The making of a political strategist

Written by Emeka Chiakwelu

The time has come for Reverend Al Sharpton to grace the cover of Time magazine or Newsweek, not because of his bulging congregation but because of his political evolution and transformation. Al Sharpton is not a new person on American political scene. It will be difficult for any political observer or partaker not to notice the political evolution of Rev. Al Sharpton.

The once conspicuous, bombastic, fast talking and in your face civil right activist has gradually but graciously transformed himself to not only a main stream politician but to a calm, calculative and astute intellectual and a political strategist. Even Al's hair do and personality that was modeled after the famous godfather of soul James Brown has been altered and transformed to urban conservative trend. His urban and hip-pop dressing has been replaced with conservative three piece suits.

This is not to say that he has abandon his fundamental mission which is to speak out about injustice and to help the poor and less privileged communities especially the minorities communities. He is still focused on primarily helping the African American community but he has widen his picture of reference and has brought intellectual and brilliant arguments that has helped to transform his image and broaden his appeal.

When he ran for the presidential primary in Democratic Party, he was known as the Black candidate and a civil right activist. People expected him to speak out on the issues affecting Black and minority communities as he did, but something new began to emerge about Al Sharpton when he started to speak on issues that have nothing to do with civil rights. On those issues including foreign policy, taxes, health care and others he brought an intellectual clarity with sober analysis devoid of emotional reasoning. By his performances as he travelled from county to county and from state to state during his presidential primary, he widen his appeal by showing the side of Al we hardly seen before.

Rev. Al Sharpton speaking at Roxbury College

Al Sharpton has become a household name to both liberals and conservatives that you can see him in both Fox News and MSNBC networks. If we can call Karl Rove, The Architect, we might as well call Rev. Al Sharpton The Strategist. During one of his appearances on MSNBC he was illustrating and extrapolating on Black Agenda, he made a significant point on President Obama and Black Agenda. Rev. Sharpton was defending the president by making a point that president cares for all communities including Black community. Then he made the strategic point that is a sober reflection of his political maturity that Blacks must champion their cause and then the President of America will step in to become part of the solution.

We have known Al Sharpton as being a charismatic figure but the new strategic and political savvy personality will take a little time to sink in. In the future we can see Al running for a mayor or even governor of New York and we will see him as credible candidate that can win elections. One thing for sure both the Left and Right are becoming comfortable with Al Sharpton and that is a good omen of things to come for both him and our country.


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