Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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ideas have consequences

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Strategic Research & Analysis

Strategic Research & Analysis

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Stevie C. Chiakwelu

Stevie C. Chiakwelu is the CEO of Stebil Computers Ltd. He is a Senior Fellow and developmental analyst at  AFRIPOL.Org

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Vincent Ogboi


Mr. Vincent Ogboi  is a Senior fellow, economic and financial analyst on  African affairs at Afripol organization.  A scholar of Economics, Banking and Finance.

He can be contacted:   taiyeogboi@yahoo.com


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Emeka Chiakwelu

The founder and principal policy strategist is Mr. Emeka Chiakwelu

He can be contacted: info@afripol.org

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Dr. G. Stanley O’koye

Dr. G. Stanley O’koye, M.D., Ph.D. , Chief Medical Correspondent, Africa Political and Economic Strategic Center (Afripol) and St. Jude Medical Missions

He can be reached at:


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Dennis Alvarez

Dennis M Alvarez Jr., is the Senior Fellow and Environmental Expert at Afripol Organization.

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God Bless Texas - Standing strong against Harvey By Emeka Chiakwelu A meddling dew night Disastrous darkness shrouded in duplicityDestabilizing wind deepen with wrecking flood But what are you?Wind, rain and Yes a flood - a voracious evil Multidimensional devilish characterHouston is in its place – beautiful and evergreenSo is our TexasA beauty that beckons the singing of angelsThen the enemy cameRoaring like a mountain lionIt came as a windIt came as rainIt came as floodOur LORD set a bulwarkBecause whom our LORD has blessed cannot be cursedCreating a bulwark against the enemyTexas triumphed – Yes Houston shinesWe came to…
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