Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Governor Willie Obiano of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, has won the 2017 governorship election in Anambra State.
Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC  announced the results few minutes ago, 
AFRIPOL has earlier projected incumbent  Governor Willie Obiano as the winner of Anambra polls of Saturday November 18 2017 election


Complete Results  of the votes in various local government areas :

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 1st Official Result

1. Njikoka Local Government Area

APGA- 16,944 -WINNER

APC-  5, 756

PDP-  3, 477

UPP-  108

Registered Voters, 88,793

Accredited Voters, 28,346

Total Valid Votes - 26,844

Rejected Votes- 1,453

Total Vote  Cast - 28,297

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 2nd Official Result

2. Dunukofia LGA


APC- 7, 016

PDP- 1,530

UPP- 12

Registered Voters: 63, 861

Accredited Voters:18, 632

Total Valid Votes:17, 508

Rejected Votes: 1,094

Total Votes Cast: 18,602

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 3rd Official Result

3. Awka South LGA

APGA- 18,957 -WINNER

APC- 6,167

PDP- 5,354

UPP- 150

Registered Voters, 149, 279

Accredited Voters- 36,114

Total Valid Votes- 31,365

Rejected Votes - 1,905

Total Votes Cast - 3,3270

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 4th Official Result

4. Ayamelum LGA

APGA- 14,593 -WINNER

APC- 5,412

PDP- 2,323

UPP- 77

Registered Voters - 60,034

Accredited Voters - 23,837

Total Valid Votes - 22,646

Rejected Votes - 989

Total Votes Cast - 23,635

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 5th Official Result

5. Anaocha LGA


APC- 5,297

PDP- 6,554

UPP- 146

Registered Voters - 89,515

Accredited Voters - 25,474

Total Valid Votes - 23,771

Rejected Votes - 1,520

Total Votes Cast - 25,291

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 6th Official Result

6. Orumba South LGA


APC- 3,888

PDP- 2,412

UPP- 465

Registered Voters - 63,149

Accredited Voters - 16,528

Total Valid Votes - 15,327

Rejected Votes - 1,117

Total Votes Cast - 16,477

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 8th Official Result

8. Aguata LGA

APGA- 13,167 -WINNER

APC- 5,807

PDP- 4,073

UPP- 280

Registered Voters - 12,109

Accredited Voters - 27,383

Total Valid Votes - 25,524

Rejected Votes - 1,713

Total Votes Cast - 27,237

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 9th Official Result

9. Onitsha North LGA.


APC- 3,808

PDP- 4,143

UPP- 435

Registered Voters - 127,865

Accredited Voters - 20,806

Total Valid Votes - 19,054

Rejected Votes - 1,413

Total Votes Cast - 20,467

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 11th Official Result

11. Idemili South LGA.


APC - 4,063

PDP - 2,629

UPP - 600

Registered Voters - 94,197

Accredited Voters - 14,205

Total Valid Votes - 13,438

Rejected Votes - 734

Total Votes Cast - 14,172.

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 13th Official Result

12. Oyi LGA

APGA- 11,840 -WINNER

APC- 5085

PDP-  1,296

UPP- 111

Registered Voters - 89,157

Accredited Voters - 19,931

Total Valid Votes - 18,674

Rejected Votes - 1, 069

Total Votes Cast - 19,743

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 13th Official Result

13. Orumba North LGA.


APC- 3,551

PDP - 3,865

UPP - 190

Registered Voters - 79,022

Accredited Voters - 18, 339

Total Valid Votes - 16,906

Rejected Votes - 1,158

Total Votes Cast - 18,064.

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 14th Official Result

14. Awka North LGA

APGA - 7,162 -WINNER

APC - 3,727

PDP- 3,347

UPP - 92

Registered Voters - 54, 390

Accredited Voters - 16,119

Total Valid Votes - 14,685

Rejected Votes - 1,126

Total Votes Cast - 15,811.

#AnambraDecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 15th Official Result

15. Onitsha South LGA

APGA - 7,052 -WINNER

APC - 2,012

PDP - 3,423

UPP - 471

Registered Voters - 145,876

Accredited Voters - 14,634

Total Valid Votes - 13,419

Rejected Votes - 668

Total Votes Cast - 14,087.

18. Anambra East LGA.

APGA - 20,510 -WINNER

APC - 5,248

PDP - 1,132

UPP - 53

Registered Voters - 72,886

Accredited Voters - 29,299

Total Valid Votes - 27,261

Rejected Votes - 1,269

Total Votes Cast - 28,530

#Anambradecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 19th Official Result

19. Nnewi North LGA.

APGA - 10,845 - WINNER

APC- 3,616

PDP - 4,157

UPP - 462

Registered Voters -115, 662

Accredited Voters - 21,880

Total Valid Votes - 19,575

Rejected Votes - 1,359

Total Votes Cast - 20,934.

#Anambradecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 20th Official Result

20. Anambra West


APC - 4,261

PDP - 1,578

UPP - 207

Registered Voters - 51,012

Accredited Voters - 15,628

Total Valid Votes - 14, 515

Rejected Votes - 1,005

Total Votes Cast - 15,520.

#Anambradecides2017 @inecnigeria declares 21st Official Result

21. Idemili North

APGA - 12,180 -WINNER

APC - 4632

PDP - 27767

UPP - 2,847

Registered Voters - 178,538

Accredited Voters -25,254

Total Valid Votes - 22,880

Rejected Votes - 1,661

Total Votes Cast - 24,541.

AFRIPOL is Projecting incumbent Gov. Obiano as the Winner Of Anambra Gubernatorial election based on the exit polls and early released election results. It is not official yet because National Electoral Commission (INEC) has not officially announce the result of the Saturday November 18 2017 election.   Governor performed very well both at rural and urban areas of Anambra State.   Obiano of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), has  met requirements needed to win Anambra governorship election and has  won more than 13 out of 21 local governmen in the state



Unofficial Results:

No automatic alt text available.






Oyi LG Final Result:

APC = 5,085

APGA = 11,840

PDP= 1,296


Idemili South LG Final Result:

APC = 4,063

APGA = 5,742

PDP= 2,629


Ayamelum LGA final result

APGA 14,593

APC 5,412

PDP 2,323


Anambra East LGA final result

APGA 20,500

APC 5,248

PDP 1, 13


Njikoka LGA final result

APGA 16,944

APC 5,756

PDP 3,477


Awka south LGA final result

APGA 20,140

APC 6,122

PDP 5,490


Aguata LGA final result

APGA 13,167

APC 5, 807

PDP 4,073


Orumba South LGA final result

APGA 8,125

APC 3,838

PDP 2,412


Anaocha LGA final result

APGA 11, 237

PDP 6, 554

APC 5,297


Ogbaru LGA final result

APGA 6,615

PDP 4,430

APC 3,412


Orumba North LGA

APGA 8152

PDP 3522

APC 3501


#AnambraDecides2017: Nnewi North, Nnewi Ichi Ward 2

Pu 003

Rejected vote 2


APC 16

PDP 21


#AnambraDecides2017: Unit 23 Abatete Ward 02 Idemili North


PDP. 11

APC. 20

#AnambraDecides2017: Nnewi north

Nnewi Ichi ward 2

PU 003

Rejected vote 2


APC 16

PDP 21

Upp 1

PU 005

APC 14


APp 1


PDP 14


UPp 3

Rejected 14

Nnewi ichi ward 2

PU 012

APC 27


PDP 51


Rejected 12

Ebonyi State traditional council of rulers have conferred Igbo titles on President Muhammadu Buhari during his visit to Ebonyi State. President Buhari was named:  ‘Enyioma 1 of Ebonyi and Ochioha Ndi Igbo 1’ .

"Igbo is Nigeria and Nigeria is Igbo. Both are Inseparable."
-  President Buhari






The Nigerian American music icon, Jidenna  releases his newest EP 'Boomerang' .   The new hip-pop, reggae and afro-beat vibe  features  Nigeria's Tiwa Savage and  Burna Boy .


Other guest appearances  in the six-track project includes  Quavo, Savage, Maleek Berry, Sarkodie,  Wale and Dot Cromwell. The EP will also include a remix to the rapper's hit song, "Little Bit More," which will also features Burna Boy.


Image result for jidenna Tiwa SavageJidenna and Tiwa Savage

Recently, Jidenna was in Nigeria for Heinken Beer promotion and he performed in Lagos stage with Tiwa Savage.  With the inclusion of Tiwa Savage and  Burma Boy in his latest EP, it shows that Nigerian hip-pop vibe is finding greater acceptance in America and beyond the shores of West Africa.

Speaking once about  Burna Boy, Jidenna said : "One guy I think is underrated is Burna Boy. I’d just like to see him crossover into the US and into the world.  I just think his character is funny. He’s a funny man. I really like his style and his sound is different. He has a flavour that I like.”

For the music that influenced his  vibe,  Jidenna equipped, “I grew up listening to people like Celestine Ukwu, Cardinal Rex Lawson, and Sunny Ade. These were the people that influenced me the most when I was a child.”

Jidenna's Boomerang EP Tracklist
1. "Decibels"
2. "Boomerang"
3. "Spy Candy" Feat. Tiwa Savage
4. "Bambi Too" Feat. Maleek Berry, Quavo and Sarkodie
5. "Little Bit More (Remix)" Feat. Burna Boy
6. "Out of Body" Feat. Wale and Dot Cromwell

Dr. Victor Ide-Okoye is a first-class Chief in Igbo land and a cultural icon who has earned numerous chieftaincy titles from different traditional rulers in Igboland. But he says that the recognition that gives him the most joy was the prestigious “Ichie” title that was conferred on him by his ancestral home town, Umuoji. The “Ichie” title is solely reserved for men of honor and impeccable integrity.  Dr. Victor Ide-Okoye holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management; an MBA in Global Management; MBA in E-Business and a doctoral degree (PhD.) in International Business from Argosy University.   At present he resided in Boston, Massachusetts with his family.  Afripol‘s Mark Wooten and Emeka Chiakwelu conducted the below interview.

“I am a first-class Chief in Igbo land” - Dr. Ide-Okoye

Good day Chief.  It is a pleasure being with you today. Afripol seeks this interview because of your relevance in the Nigerian American community in the United States and especially within the Igbo community. Sir, first and foremost, could you tell us about yourself?

Ide-Okoye : My Name is Dr. Victor Ide-Okoye.  “Ide of Umuoji” “Ichie Idejuogwugwu” I was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra State. My home town as you can tell from my title name is Umuoji. I left Nigeria after secondary/ High School in the 1980s, and arrived Boston, Massachusetts, as a young man to pursue my University education, and as they say, the rest became history. I have been here in Boston for over 30 years.  So, you can basically call me a Bostonian.

Looking at your resume, you have been in the business world for many years. How did you transition from academics into the business world?

Ide-Okoye : Great question! As a young man growing up, my father told me that every Igbo man is a business-man. Honestly speaking, I have not really worked for anybody. I have told this story many times; but wouldn’t hesitate to re-tell it again. I took a business course that dealt with writing a business plan and somewhere during that class, I learnt that the staffing industry in US was a multi-billion-dollar industry. At the conclusion of that class, I was convinced that I would write my own business plan and start my own staffing Company, and that was exactly what I did. The truth of the matter was that I established my business before graduating from undergrad and guess what, I am still in the same industry today. so, essentially, I was running my company and pursuing my academics work as well.

Your educational background is quite impressive. How were you able to do it, in spite of all the challenges of being a recent immigrant to USA?

Ide-Okoye : My brother, it was a serious struggle, basically combining everything together. Glad, you brought this question up, I always tell my children how we used to struggle in those day; trying to balance doing business or working full time and combining same with school sometimes, on full time basis. I am pretty sure that this sounds familiar to so many of us immigrants. The struggle is real for sure.


At a point you became interested in Nigerian politics and you tried your hands in it. What was your motivation? How do you assess Nigerian politics?

Ide-Okoye : Yes, indeed! My brother, I did run for Senate in Anambra State, Nigeria under PDP in 2007. It was perhaps the biggest sacrifice given that I had a really young family at the time but bottom-line was that I did it for “love of country”. It was an eye-opening experience.



"A country where the election results were tallied even before people go to the polls and for the most part, their votes are not even counted"

How do I assess Nigeria Politics? Well, politics is the realm of the rough and tumble but politics in Nigeria is at a whole other level of the rough and tumble experience. The truth of the matter is that Nigeria politics is extremely dirty. And I don’t really think that we actually practice true democracy in Nigeria. When I ran for senate, people loved my platform and message and if it was a true democracy where people are allowed to vote, I honestly believed that they would have voted for me. The system is so corrupt, and I am beginning to think that it might take a literal miracle as in “an act of God” to save us from what is happening to our country. Look at what is happening in Nigeria now, the same group of people who rob us blind, use the stolen money to maintain power. They use the army to subdue and intimidate the people. Most of those guys are so corrupt and that is why I had to cut ties with some of them after my senate-run experience. The purported elections held in Nigeria are mostly a sham. A country where the election results were tallied even before people go to the polls and for the most part, their votes are not even counted. Sometimes, I wish I could blanket from my memory some of the things I saw when I ran for senate.

Will you ever dabble into Nigerian politics again?  Do you have any future in politics?

Ide-Okoye : People always ask me if I would run for any office again in Nigeria and my answer is always, “never say never.” For now, I have no interest as I’m busy now raising family and establishing more businesses.

You have been known as a man of culture and tradition. You are a titled chief - Nze and Ichie   bestowed from your ancestral home town of Umuoji in Idemili, Anambra State.? Tell us about it

Ide-Okoye : I am a first-class Chief in Igbo land. Yes, my title name is “Ide of Umuoji” and my Ichie title name is “Ichie Idejuogwugwu 1 of Umuoji”  I have numerous chieftaincy titles from different Igwes in Igbo Land but the title I enjoy most is the prestigious Ichie Title that my town conferred on me, a title strictly reserved for men of honor and impeccable character, so I value that title tremendously.


Recently, Umuoji Improvement Union (UIU) USA elected you the president general of the union in North America.   What are your plans and agenda for UIU in America and Nigeria?

Ide-Okoye : Yes, I am the current National President of Umuoji Improvement Union of North America, UIU/NA.
We have a slew of things on our agenda. We plan on visiting some of our branches, opening more branches, creating a UIU North America Youth Wing, and embarking on more Medical missions in Umuoji and possibly build another health Center in Umuoji. Also making sure that we do what is necessary in terms of security to keep our folks in Umuoji safe.

Afripol : Chief, we thank you for your time.

Ide: You are  welcomed. Thank you too.


ggggMark Wooten,  Afripol cultural and Entertainment Analyst conducted the above interview with Emeka Chiakwelu.

Monday, 11 September 2017 17:32

Amaka Anku: EurAsia Point woman for Africa

Ian Bremmer founded Eurasia Group in 1998.  The organization is devoted exclusively to helping investors and business decision-makers understand the impact of politics on the risks and opportunities in foreign markets. Ian's idea—to bring political science to the investment community and to corporate decision-makers—launched an industry and positioned Eurasia Group to become the world leader in political risk analysis and consulting.

Amaka Anku is a senior analyst in the Africa practice, where she follows West Africa, with a specific focus on Nigeria and Ghana. She analyzes how politics, policy, and markets interact and the short- and long-term ramifications for investors.

Amaka has on-the-ground experience working in 12 different African countries with organizations such as the African Development Bank and the International Crisis Group. From 2011 to 2015, she practiced law in the international arbitration and litigation group of global law firm Shearman & Sterling, LLP, where she represented multinational corporations in multimillion-dollar, cross-border disputes throughout the region.

Amaka is a regular commentator and speaker on Nigerian and African affairs. A native of Enugu, Nigeria, she is fluent in Igbo and French. Amaka holds a bachelor's degree from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and doctor of law degree from Harvard Law School.

Ian Bremmer with Eduard Shevardnadze, then President  of Georgia 1999


Euroasia starting with a staff of one based out of a cubicle in the World Policy Institute in New York City, Eurasia Group grew into a company with offices on four continents, providing insight for the world's top corporations and financial institutions. As our name suggests, the firm's original focus was on the emerging states of the former Soviet Union. Since then, we have broadened our expertise to both developed and developing countries in every region of the world, to specific economic sectors, and to the business and investment playing fields of the future.

Nigeria is an interesting country, most of the time her thinking and perspectives are warped and lopsided. In the 21st century of innovations and technology, the country’s minister of technology was promising Nigerians that in the nearest future Nigeria will start producing pencils. While others are assiduously tinkering in space technology, feeding their people plentifully and building modern hospitals – Nigeria is talking about fabricating pencils.

But why is Nigeria lagging behind?  Take a look at quality of her education.

Education is most important component for development and economic growth. But Nigeria is busy lowering her standard of education while importing inferior technology and products from China. 

JAMB for its 2017/18 session has lowered the cut-off marks to 120 for universities and 100 for polytechnics. When concerned Nigerians question their decisions, JAMB insisted that the lower cut-off marks will deter the students from not going abroad for their studies, thereby  conserving foreign exchange. JAMB is not Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) with monetary policy responsibility; its function is to be a standardized test facilitator in educating and training the finest work force.

JAMB a ‘cartel’ bequeathed with responsibility of offering standardized test for admissions into the higher institutions has turned into a mercantile agency that negotiate quality of education as in free market. Yes, I called JAMB a cartel, because it has metamorphosed or rather morphed from an examination agency into an economic arrangement with supposedly fiscal coordination with the government. Educational standard cannot be negotiated or you will pay a price at long run. 

JAMB has also become a social engineering agency that has become a tool for administering of quota system by the manipulation of cut-off marks. This has slowly but gradually introduced the rise and practice of mediocrity at expense of meritocracy. In the finality, mediocrity has fully eclipsed meritocracy in the JAMB sphere of influence.

When I read their reason for lowering cut-off marks, I could not believe what I was reading.  Wonders can never cease happening in Nigeria, so now the value and standard of education must be undermine to conserve foreign exchange that a corrupt politician will readily embezzle. Nigeria has finally lost her senses of making a rightful decision. 

Why will a country deliberately destroy the quality of her education? This is antithesis and antithetical to building a modern nation and economy. JAMB is not aware that with a high standard of education, Nigeria can attract foreign students and that can be a source of earning hard currency for the country.

Before Nigeria began her quest to kill quality of her education in tertiary institutions, she used to be the envy of the world. In those yesteryears Nigerian students and graduates can compete with anybody regardless of their countries.  That was the good old days, when degrees from Nigerian universities carry respect and recognition. 

Not anymore, now there are cut-off marks to appease everybody and every group in Nigeria.  The cut-off marks have been deployed for quota system and affirmative action.  There is no generic cut-off mark for the whole country but different cut-off marks for different states in Nigeria. To further sweeten the pie, a graduating student needs to score 30 percent of the grade point average (GPA) for convocation. This is the end of education.

Nigeria must learn from the words spoken by the former president of Harvard University Derek Bok, “If you think education is expensive try ignorance.”

Image result for emeka chiakweluEmeka Chiakwelu is the Principal Policy Strategist at AFRIPOL. His works have appeared in Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes and many other important journals around the world. His writings have also been cited in many economic books, publications and many institutions of higher learning, including tagteam Harvard Education., This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


For advert placement Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nigeria: UN experts denounce ultimatum and death threats targeting Igbo minority

GENEVA (25 August 2017) – An ultimatum telling Nigeria’s Igbo minority in the north of the country to flee their homes is of “grave concern”, a group of United Nations human rights experts* has warned.  The experts also deplored a hate song and audio message being circulated on the internet and on social media. The Hausa-language audio message urges northern Nigerians to destroy the property of Igbo people and kill anyone who refuses to leave by 1 October, the same date given in the ultimatum.

“We are gravely concerned about this proliferation of hate messages and incitement to violence against the Igbo and their property, especially considering the previous history of such violence,” the experts said.  “The Government must be vigilant, as hate speech and incitement can endanger social cohesion and threaten peace by deepening the existing tensions between Nigeria’s ethnic communities.”

Click to continue  : UN experts denounce ultimatum and death threats targeting Igbo minority

Meet the girls from Anambra state who are representing Nigeria at the Indonesia 2017 world school debate

Four students of the Loretto Special Science School in Anambra state, are currently representing Nigeria in the world school debate in Indonesia. 

The students including  Akwue Frances Chidinma and three others, are now in Bali, Indonesia, where the World School Debate is  in progress.

Accoring to Naij News :" The students left for their all-expense paid event aboard an Etihad Airways flight on July 31, where upon arrival in Bali, they would meet other students at the Indonesia Summer Debate. The event which started on Tuesday, August 1, will run till August 11."


Meet the girls from Anambra state who are representing Nigeria at the Indonesia 2017 world school debate

Students representing Nigeria

Meet the girls from Anambra state who are representing Nigeria at the Indonesia 2017 world school debate

According to  the WAEC  2017  rankings, Anambra State  and South-East  states were in  in the top 10 ranking  of Nigeria's 36 states..

Top 10 WAEC 2017 results by state
1. Abia
2. Anambra
3. Edo
4. Imo
5. Bayelsa
6. Rivers
7. Lagos
8. Taraba
9. Enugu
10. Delta


Credits :Naij, Chinma Ihenacho, Afripol

A female student from Enugu state Ali Cynthia Chineche has passed her May/June 2017 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) with flying colours. The student set the record high after she made all A's in her nine subjects. Chineche’s teacher, Austin Chibulu , who was proud of his student’s achievement, took to Facebook to share her result to the world. In his post, Austin noted that he is very proud and happy to have taught a lady with great learning abilities and high intelligence. She attended  Shalom Academy Nsukka, Enugu State.




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