Saturday, April 17, 2021
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ideas have consequences

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Displaying items by tag: ACHIEVEMENT


His Excellency Dr. Peter Obi: The Executive Governor of AnambraState

His Excellency Comrade Oshiomhole: The Executive Governor of EdoState

These Gentlemen are democrats who respect the rule of law. When they were shut out from the office of governorship after clearly winning the elections, they took the high road. Instead of taking the laws into their hands, they pubscribed to democratic pathway and took their cases and grievances to the court. They were vindicated and their mandates were restored. These men needed to be acknowledged for their exemplary actions and courage. Democracy and rule of the law which are the building blocks of peaceful society were enhanced which commenced to rearrange the rough terrine of Nigerian politics.



His Excellency Mr.Babatunde Raji Fashola: The Executive Governor of LagosState

His Excellency Mallam Dr. Ibrahim Shekarau: The Executive Governor of KanoState

It was beginning to take a shape in the minds of Nigeria that environmental integrity of the nation is without consequence to a sustainable well being of a nation. Governor Fashola introduced a detailed program of solid waste management in LagosState. The trash and debris littered in the streets are collected and disposed properly and efficiently.

As for Governor of Kano he has the vision and common sense to embark on the integrated and comprehensive waste management project and this will immensely reduce littering on the ecosystem of KanoState. A neat ambience will reduce and depopulate mosquito and guinea worm and diseases in the state.



His Excellency Dr. Bukola Saraki: The Executive Governor of KwaraState

On agriculture and industrial farming, the governor of Kwara has done a lot of good things to launch a modern farming mechanism. First and foremost he created the conducive environment that attracted indigenous and international investors and talents to agriculture. Agriculture becomes the means to provide jobs to the youths and jobless in his state. Kwara state has become a bread basket for Nigeria and West Africa. The most important that Nigeria must do is to find a means to feed her bulging population and Dr. Saraki is in the vanguard of fighting and defeating hunger in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.


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