Thursday, September 16, 2021
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ideas have consequences

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Displaying items by tag: Edo

Crisis rocking the Catholic Church in Edo State took a turn for the worse as Edo chiefs of Bini extraction, led by Iyase (Prime Minister) of Benin, Chief Sam Igbe, on Friday, called for the immediate removal of the Archbishop of Benin Catholic Diocese, Augustine Obiora Akubeze.


The call, according to Igbe, becomes necessary over the alleged refusal by the Archbishop to conduct mass in the local dialect and his disrespect for the Benin monarch. A group, Edo Liturgical Group, had last year called on the Catholic Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, to remove Akubeze, who is of Igbo origin. It also demanded use of Bini language in church officiating.


Igbe, in a prepared speech, called on the pope to urgently effect Akubeze’s transfer out from the diocese.

The statement read in part, “We, the Edo people see the archbishop’s appointment as a conquest of the Benin archdiocese and we want our honour restored, we cannot allow a missionary tribal ruler priest to dilute the moral strength of the Church.”


Igbe stated that Catholic priests of Bini origin were being overlooked, while others were imported from Eastern Nigeria.


He said, “We find it unacceptable that the Catholic Church and Augustine  Akubeze decided to treat our revered king and our people with such disdain and disrespect. In consideration of all these and the desire to create an enabling environment for honest evangelisation, we have come to the inevitable decision that Akubeze cannot continue to remain as a shepherd of the Catholic Church in Benin."


Archbishop Akubeze with Governor Oshiomhole (middle)



Chairman of the Indigenous Catholic Bini Priests, Rev. Fr. Felix Igbineweka, at a press briefing, said Archbishop Akubeze, since his installation in the past two years, had demonstrated openness in all his dealings.


The indigenous priests urged the aggrieved liturgical group and laities to toe the path of dialogue and peace, noting that Akubeze remains the spiritual head and father of the faith in the archdiocese.


“The church has always acknowledged the manifold gifts of the people of God to be utilised in carrying out her divine mandate. However, this should be done within the structures and strategies of the church with reference to the hierarchy,” they noted.


Source: Codewit and Guardian News

Adams Oshiomhole of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) is the winner of the July 14th governorship elections in Edo State by land slide.

“I, Prof  Oshiodi as the returning officer, hereby certify  that I was the returning officer of the July 14 governorship election and  hereby declare that Oshiomhole having satisfied the requirement of the law and having scored the highest number of votes cast is hereby declared winner.’’

With these words, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Benin, Professor Osayuki Oshodi, The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)’s returning officer declared Adams Oshiomhole of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) the winner of the governorship election.

According to Channel Television, "The incumbent governor polled a landslide victory in all the state’s 17 local government area (see table below), with 477,478 votes-73.72 per cent of 647,698 total votes cast-to defeat his closest rival, Charles Airhiarvbere of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)."


Breakdown Of Edo Election Results By  Local Government Area (LGA)

1. Akoko Edo:             ACN-29,803, ANPP-163, CPC-184, LABOUR-38,NCP-36,PDP-13,783, SDMP-65.


2. Egor:                           ACN- 50,623, ANPP-294, CPC-281, LP-28, NCP-36, PDP-3,486, SMDP-29


3. Esan Central:              ACN-11,792, ANPP-83,CPC-65,LP-23,NCP-30,PDP-9,281, SDMP- 34


4. Esan North-East:     ACN-13,086, ANPP-123, CPC-77, LP-11, NCP-35, PDP-12,478, SDMP- 44.


5. Esan South-East:     ACN-14,904, ANPP-85, CPC-61, LP-22, NCP-16, PDP-9634, SDMP-44.


6. Esan West:                 ACN- 13,499, ANPP -156, CPC- 115, LP -24, NCP- 25, PDP- 13,282, SDMP- 40.


7. Etsako East:                ACN- 23,174, ANPP -75, CPC- 61, LP- 13, NCP- 6, PDP- 4,992, SDMP -28.


8. Etsako West:          ACN- 44,962, ANPP -169, CPC- 192, LP -152, NCP -37, PDP -5,920, SDMP -45.


9. Igueben:                       ACN- 9,751, ANPP -63, CPC -35, LP -9, NCP -19, PDP -6,758, SDMP -18.


10. Ikpoba/Okha:         ACN -58,809, ANPP -518, CPC -357, LP -54, NCP -49, PDP -6,505, SDMP -56.


11. Oredo LGA:               ACN -66,522, ANPP -454, CPC -268, LP -49,NCP -45, PDP -9,081, SDMP -48.


12. Orhionwon:             ACN -26,163, ANPP -277, CPC -235, LP -34, NCP -46,PDP -8,716, SDMP -53.


13. Ovia South-West: ACN -16,077, ANPP -196, CPC -222, LP -25, NCP -37, PDP -5015, SDMP -84.


14. Ovia North-East: ACN -26,835, ANPP -280, CPC -233, LP -41, NCP -34, PDP -5,427, SDMP -68.


15. Owan West:             ACN -15,150, ANPP -136, CPC -130, LP -20, NCP -26, PDP -7,229, SDMP -37.


16. Owan East LGA:   ACN -22,483, ANPP -169, CPC -123, LP -27, NCP -23, PDP -11,709, SDMP -34


17. Uhunmwode:        ACN -17,011, ANPP -359, CPC -124, LP -22, NCP -24, PDP -5,826, SDMP -70.
















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Edo election as a metaphor

The people are not stupid. You may not believe this if you consider yourself a shrewd observer of Nigerian politics since the military scampered away from power in 1999 with little thought to legacy and how their grandchildren may judge their time. Believe me, the people are not stupid. They may suffer limitations, as you see in a lady who early in life was repeatedly gang-raped. It does not mean she is stupid. In many ways, the just concluded Edo State governorship election throws up this evidence. And I am not necessarily referring to the choice made from the candidates on offer.


When I heard the protest of the Edo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party against the outcome of the election which Adams Oshiomhole won by a landslide, it occurred to me that the people have been consistently smarter than those who seek to lead them but have been shackled for long by fear that an untutored revolt against an unthinking political class may result in disruption that could cost their children the peace to live in dignity. So they suffered misrule as a sacrifice like the Pelican that cuts itself and draws its own blood to nourish its offspring. But those who lust after power still carry on in ways that suggest they hate their own children.


You may say, as one well informed analyst suggested on a television channel during the course of voting in Edo, that the life or death nature of the contestation was because it was about who will preside over the sharing of resources rather than service to society; that this battle was to privatise public resources so the children of those who triumph in these bloodbaths may have a better time. Think again. Imagine what Nigeria was a mere 20 years ago. Imagine what the mess it now is. Then ask yourself where their children will have peace to have a great time and find fulfilment. Certainly not in a refugee camp. In a paradoxical sense, I think President Goodluck Jonathan may see more clearly than his fellow travellers in the PDP. Nigeria’s democracy has lost its legitimacy and credibility and the country’s institutions have been much devalued by the party’s conduct. Acting like the parasite that sucks the host animal to death with no more place to get nourishment seems the ultimate unwisdom.


If I belonged to a gang of thieves raiding a neighbourhood until all the residents became ready to relocate, I should see it not as a pursuit of honour, if that is in bad taste to thieves, but as tilling the ground for future harvest, to give them respite from time to time. This is why if I were a consultant to the PDP, since we seldom have real elections in Nigeria, I would actually rig an election in favour of the opposition to renew, even if a suspect sense of confidence in the democratic process, something the people can live with.


Not to have such a sense at the national level may be puzzling as you look across the border at Benin Republic and Ghana, but to actually try to fight the will of determined people in Edo only evokes images of the blighted vision of the Omoboriowo camp in Ondo in 1983. Amazingly, some of those who planted that sour seed nearly 30 years ago are still active in polluting the waters in Edo State today.


I know Edo. I have typically journeyed from Benin to my home state of Delta. Indeed, I am still more at home in the Bendel spirit than the current more fractured arrangement. I have had the good fortune of being acquainted with many of the past governors of the state. The present arrangement may not be a perfection but I know that many Edolites consider it a season of liberation. It seems to me therefore that it is beyond just sportsmanship to let go.


I also worry about the self-love that does not allow the political class to see beyond sharing public resources to a collective sense of how everybody can work together and bring their talent to the solving of our numerous social problems.


Nigeria is so neck deep in a mess that, as in Tawney’s metaphor, even a ripple can drown us, yet those who seek power cannot see that what they do could advance the end game to the mutual loss of all.


Then, I wonder what will wake us up from this nightmare of those so obsessed with power and short term self-love that they cannot see that unlike the Pelican they are urinating on the graves of their yet-to-be born children and grandchildren. In these moments, I thank God for the progress elsewhere around us.


I look at the rate of economic growth in Ghana, small an economy as it might be, and the fact that Angola has overtaken Nigeria as an oil producer and I remember how competition between the different regions drove progress in the years of hope in the 1960s before oil became a dominant factor and I hope. I hope because competitive communalism made us thrive then and responding to our falling behind our neighbours, in wealth, and as a civilised culture may get us up and running. Like South East Asia’s much misunderstood economic miracle, apologies to K. S. Jomo, we may b ready to flock with the other Geese as Africa begins to realise the promise of being new frontiers for the world economy rebound.


When an elite sabotages its greatest asset, the gifting of its numerous and diverse peoples, whose talents could together explore the resources to bring plenty to the tables of all, it earns for itself a title in Masochism that no royal family or backyard university could award. Such a political class promotes the anarchy that lack of justice sentences all to. Such do not really love their children or are blinded such that they are unable to see the real effect of their conduct for those they love.I suspect the latter is more the case, which is why what we owe each other most is the duty of education.The trouble, here, of course, is that the people do not read much anymore so effort to educate gets lost in the written word. Since elite do not read, the example for the people to follow has evaporated. I can tell you from many occasions I have asked classes full of executives their opinion of a back page column the day before. Most times, more would have seen it. Collapsing standard of education makes matters worse with the average citizen.


Edo is a terrible metaphor for the shame of yesterday’s Nigeria, but it may yet be the watershed that says the people are not stupid and a wake-up call to others that if they are determined, they will not be taken for granted. Indeed, an Edo may be a metaphor announcing the new Nigeria.


I may have played the Prophet Amos for long warning about the injustices of this land and the coming consequences. I may have been vindicated by that great anarchy foretold which surrounds us. But Edo State may yet signal that it is time for a Nehemiah. The question is who shall be sent to rebuild the fallen and falling walls of Nigeria?


•Prof.Pat  Utomi a former presidential candidate in Nigeria and  the founder of the Centre for Values in Leadership






"There is an emerging light at the end of the tunnel” - Afripol's Emeka Chiakwelu


Nigeria is gradually but steadily getting comfortable with democracy and the peaceful re-election of Governor Adam Oshiomhole of Edo state is a testament and indication to this development. Governor Adam Oshnole deserved a praise on the way he conducted himself in the campaigning process towards his re-election but the greatest respect and honour should go to the people of Edo that never relent in exercising their constitutional rights and boldly casting their votes to the candidate of their choice without titling to fear and intimidation.


Emeka Chiakwelu, Principal Policy Strategist at Afripol, appreciated the violent-free process: “Nigeria is maturing and democratic dispensation is gradually taking root. At this moment the entire people of Edo state and Nigeria in general should be proud of themselves. All the actors in the process especially His Excellency Governor Adam Oshiomhole showed the way and believed in the process. Oshiomhole respects the process and the people; they came out in great numbers and rewarded him with re-election.  Governor Adam Oshiomhole visible achievements speak for itself. "


Nigeria can rejoice on this peaceful election but the country is not yet out of the wood. There are still some elements of bad influence and bad apples that have not accepted that  the power belongs to the people. For in the true democratic setting, the voters have the final say on the outcome, thereby electing a candidate of their choice. In this case the vast majority of Edo voters believed strongly in Governor Adam Oshiomhole and returns him back to second term. Governor Oshiomhole held steadfast to the social contract with the voters, he performed at a level that the people appreciated and they re-elected him as the chief executive officer of Edo State.



Edo people celebrates election victory of Governor Oshiomhole Photo: channel tv



In victory there should be humility that rested on strength, strength to bring everybody together including the losers and opponents. By so doing it serves  as an example that democracy is not about making enemies but about building bridges into a successful and strong society where everybody is working together and needs of the people are fulfilled. It may not be easy to convey such a mindset but the extension of olive branch will become a threshold for healing and bringing everybody together.


Adam Oshiomhole is gracious in victory and should work with all Nigerians especially Edo people who are serious about building a strong society without bitterness and rancor. The federal government of Nigeria especially President Jonathan deserved some praise on how he marshal the requisite resources needed to maintain peace and security on the day of election. Nigeria must not rest on its laurels but must continue on the process and path of building blocks of democracy.  It is still faraway but God's willing; Nigeria will eventually realize her dreams of becoming a true democratic society.



Afripol is committed to democractic capitalism and liberty in Nigeria.

Africa Political and Economic Strategic Center (Afripol) is foremost a public policy center whose fundamental objective is to broaden the parameters of public policy debates in Africa. To advocate, promote and encourage free enterprise, democracy, sustainable green environment, human rights, conflict resolutions, transparency and probity in Africa.     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it









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