Saturday, September 25, 2021
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ideas have consequences

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 16:54


In 2011  Jude Agbaso , a young man  was made deputy governor of Imo state via the political connection of  his  elder brother Martin Agbaso . Jude had no idea about governance. He knew nothing about politics . He had never held or managed a public office. Those who foisted him on  Ndi-Imo painted him as a credible face. We were told that he was  Mr. Integrity, that he carried  the banner of Mr Incorruptible. We  believed them and listened when he spoke. When he was given an extra role of commissioner of works of the state, we clapped.


In February 2013, Imolites woke up one morning to hear that  the same Jude has  received  bribe monies  totaling N458 million from  a construction company. We were  “shock- struck”. There are things that happen, and you will be dumb-founded, you  will be  filled with so much shame that your eyes  will close in indignity. That was how many of us who believed the Mr. Integrity story of Jude Agbaso felt.


We gathered that due to contractors abandoning road projects in Imo State, the Imo Joint Committee on State and Local Government Projects went into investigation to find out why .In the investigation, it was   discovered that Jude Agbaso  was  involved in a N458 million bribery scam. Acting on the report of the Project Monitoring Committee, the Imo House of Assembly set up a Special Adhoc Committee for further investigation. Mr. Joseph Dina ,MD of J-PROS International Nigeria Limited  confessed that he gave  Agbaso a total sum of N458 million on request as kickbacks for the reconstruction of the Sam Mbakwe road  in Owerri which was awarded for N1.5 billion. Dina revealed the phone number with which the deputy governor made the request and the account numbers.


Ndi-Imo  all over expressed their displeasure with Agbaso. His action was seen as an anti-poor and self-serving conduct. He was immediately noted as a  fat cat that  sees  public office  as his  gold mine, to plunder and leave the rest of us in pitch darkness. Calls for him to face the full fire of the law started coming from the people of the state. Twenty three members of the 27-member Imo State House of Assembly impeached him  on March 28, 2013. Corrupt enrichment is neither legitimate nor part of the tasks that voters hire a governor or  deputy governor to discharge.


A  governor or deputy governor  who is discovered to  loot the  public treasury always  face  the ire of taxpayers . Everybody condemns corruption. Corruption is like a tax. It differs only in the sense that the payment does not end up as public revenue.It deprives government of revenue required to provide productive public goods. It is more detrimental to growth than excessive taxation. There can be no justification for collecting  such an outrageous amount of money as kickbacks for reconstruction of a road  in a state where 60% of her citizens live on less than 600 naira  per day, in a state   that has almost 10,000 children on the streets-children without parental care, without shelter.


Last week I read several newspaper headlines and commentaries that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has declared the  Emekuku born “thieftain” Jude Agbaso not guilty over the bribe scam. Honestly, there are reasons why I have stop to believe anything that comes out of the EFCC. I stop to believe the EFCC because I notice that the agency encourages corruption by  working as a “protector-general” for men who are Nigeria’s biggest and most mindless crooks . I notice that the agency conspires with Nigerian fraudsters while pretending to be  probing them. They  use  rhetoric’s to  spare corrupt public officials  from serious prosecution, public officials who by their treasury looting  have done infinitely  harm to Nigeria just  like Boko Haram.


There have been countless number of arrests and investigations involving millions and billions of naira but unfortunately at the end  of such investigations EFCC  will always come out that there are no evidence  to find the accused guilty of fraud whereas there were evidences before the invitation of EFCC and at the beginning of the trial.I regard the Agbaso’s wholesale clearance by EFCC as  a joke to make people laugh. They are  just trying to practice the trade of Julius Agwu on stage.In a country without real means of entertainment due to power blackouts, this  EFCC  clearance of Agbaso is  indeed another  Julius Agwu’s crack ya ribs.


Do they  think that Imo people are  brain dead ? So they  expect Ndi-Imo  to swallow this  concoction that Agbaso  is free of the bribe scam. So they  expect us to believe that our respected  Chief Judge  Ben Njemanze’s probe  panel and the  23 out of 27 members of   Imo House of Assembly erred in declaring Agbaso guilty.


Why should we  believe EFCC’s  false assertion  that it  couldn’t find any  indictment on Agbaso when  we  know how the  Bankole-EFCC  story  ended.There is insincerity in EFCC’s fight against corruption in Nigeria. This is an agency that could not  tell us  till date what happened to more than $12 billion in additional revenues that Nigeria earned from oil sales during the first Gulf War. Babangida who stole or took or kept them is still alive.


This is an agency that could not  address till date the scandal of June 12, 1993, when a stellar election was annulled for reasons that nobody has articulated. This is an agency that could not   address till date the scandals of the Sani Abacha years, including billions of dollars taken away from the Central Bank, the debt buy back scam, and deals in which the dictator, his family and friends imported toxic fuel into Nigeria.


This is an agency that could not  prosecute till date   the Obasanjo-era scandals and scams, including Obasanjo’s Transcorp shares, the contract for the Abuja stadium, the billions of dollars wasted on so-called power projects, the shadowy process through which oil blocs were handed out, the absence of accountability in the management of Nigeria’s oil sector, and Pentascope. Then there are the Siemens and Halliburton scandals whose stench touched a huge number of Nigerian officials.


This is an agency that could not  open the  files that Obasanjo and Atiku made available to the press during the third term roforofo fight. Every day in the newspapers we saw original copies of looted funds by Obasanjo and Atiku. What about the files of  all the corrupt governors that EFCC promised to prosecute when the immunity shield was over in 2007.


What about the  N55m bribery scandal of  ex -Senate President, Adolphus Wabara and ex-Minister of Education, Prof. Fabian Osuji . What about when the  Senate  probed the land allocations in Abuja under Obasanjo's presidency and revealed nauseating, pervasive acts of corruption by those in charge.


Just last year, we were told how big men and women, oil marketers were stealing, with the aid of politicians, billions upon billions of our  oil money through fictitious subsidy payment .We  know  where this story ended. What about the   pension probe, the Securities and Exchange Commission probe and the two bullet proof BMW car cases involving Stella Oduah, the Minister of Aviation. What has happened to all these  exposed corruption cases?


All the above mentioned reasons and many more have made me lost faith in the EFCC. I say a big kudos to the Imo House of Assembly for  removing   Agbaso. The House did well to appoint a  credible deputy governor in the state, Prince Eze Madumere , to continue with the affairs of the state. Unless Nigerians establish the principle that a thief is a thief, regardless of his rank, and susceptible to the punishment set out in the criminal code, we run the risk of nurturing a generation of citizens who embrace the idea that it’s noble to steal everything in sight.

-Kenneth Uwadi, Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria







In Nigeria, structural liquidity is more likely to be volatile over time for various reasons. Oil receipts and related foreign exchanges sales of oil companies are expected to

remain strong, given high oil prices and large proven reserves for oil and gas, and volatile.  The lumpy nature of the disbursements from the Federation Account is also important

factor for variation in liquidity. Given that the surplus liquidity is probably more related to foreign exchange inflows during oil booms, one might argue for more sales of foreign

exchange and less issuance of domestic debt. The result should be a slightly strong naira and slightly lower interest rates. In this volatile environment, there is an on-going

challenge to manage systemic liquidity consistent with the announced policy stance. To align systemic liquidity with the policy stance, the adjustment measures should be based

on medium-term forecasts of banking system liquidity. The CBN also needs to recognize the trade-off in sterilizing a unit of spending from oil receipts: cost is either in terms of

higher interest rates if used Open Market Operations (OMOs) or an appreciated exchange rate if foreign exchange sales are applied. In either case there is likely to be a cost to

the tradable sector of the economy. The goal should be to seek the ‘least cost’ mix of sterilization.


Despite improvements in liquidity management framework, markets appeared, at times, confused about the signals sent from use of specific instruments. For

example, in October 2011, the CBN responded to pressures on the currency and prices by hiking the MPR by 275 bps and doubling the CRR to 8 percent. Then, the CBN

immediately reversed the impact of these measures by purchasing nearly two trillion of the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) bonds and thereby injecting

substantial liquidity in the intervened banks.


The recent frequent use of the CRR as instrument needs to be rationalized.

Changes to the CRR require banks to make abrupt adjustments in their portfolios and as a consequence can induce volatility in financial market prices. The CRR is best used to

create a stable demand for reserves consistent with the level of systemic liquidity. Some countries have used high cash reserve ratios mainly to sterilize substantial capital inflows

in the context of managed foreign exchange rate regimes (e.g., China and Brazil). However, most countries keep this ratio low and stable. An increase in the CRR, particularly

when it is unremunerated, imposes additional costs on banks, which then get passed on to the economy in the form of wider interest rate spreads. It is estimated that where

banks have constant costs per unit of deposit, a 2 percent increase in the level of the CRR adds approximately 0.5 percent to the spread between deposit and lending rates

(Appendix 2). Therefore, changes in the ratio should be infrequent and made only when there is a strong reason not to use market-based instruments (i.e., Government/CBN

securities and foreign exchange sales).


Reserve averaging is particularly useful for the banking system where liquidity forecast errors are large.

The RA provides banks room to manage their liquidity and comply with CRR using the average of end-of-day balances over the maintenance period (often between two weeks

to a month). It helps reduce daily volatility in the overnight rates because banks do not have to immediately adjust for a deficit in their CRR account. As banks need to manage

their CRR balances over a period (instead of at the end of every day), any forecast errors or changes in liquidity supply has a weaker impact on short-term interest

rates, as observed during March-October 2011. However, the RA provides banks an opportunity to take larger positions in the interbank market for part of the CRR

maintenance period by drawing their reserves down to zero. Such a behavior may destabilize the markets, particularly if cash reserve requirement is high (e.g., 10 percent or

more). However, the CBN could address such a concern by allowing partial averaging, which requires placing a minimum ratio of reserves that banks must adhere to at all times

(say half of the currently high CRR), while the overall CRR is subject to reserve averaging that is over a month long period to align the maintenance period with the distribution

of oil revenue.


Management of Short-Term Liquidity

The CBN has also sufficient instruments for short-term liquidity management. The Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) corridor serves as a signaling device for the monetary

policy stance. While use of the overnight facilities (Standing Deposit Facility and Standing Lending Facility) is at the banks’ discretion, the CBN is able to use repo operations and

outright transactions (e.g., 2-way quotes) to manage day-to-day liquidity and guide short term interest rates towards the MPR (Box 1). In addition, the CBN sells or buys

directly foreign exchange in the interbank market, in addition to pre-announced foreign exchange sales through WDAS, and is increasingly engaging in foreign exchange swaps

and forward contracts, which commenced in March 2011 and are growing. With few exceptions, the CBN has used these instruments effectively



AMCON Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria

BDCs Bureau de Change

CBN Central Bank of Nigeria

CRR Cash Reserve Requirement

ECA Excess Crude Account

FGN Federal Government of Nigeria



Federation Account Allocation Committee

Financial Markets Dealers Association

FSAP Financial Sector Assessment Program

FLAC Fiscal Liquidity Assessment Committee

LAG Liquidity Assessment Group

MPC Monetary Policy Committee

MPR Monetary Policy Rate

MDAs Ministries, Departments and Agencies of FGN

₦ Naira

NNPC Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

NTBs Nigerian Treasury Bills

OBB Open buy back

OMO Open Market Operations

SDF Standing Deposit Facility

STA Single Treasury Account

WDAS Wholesale Dutch Auction System

US$ U.S. Dollar

Saturday, 26 October 2013 22:41


2015 election is fast approaching so one is not surprise at the propaganda and pull him down campaign going on against notable politicians. Politics, as we know, is generally assumed to be a dirty game. Indeed, it is dirty in so many ways and senses to the extent that most politicians and their gullible followers often pretend against positive steps of distinguished achievers as a means of giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

Owelle Rochas Okorocha the governor of Imo State is at the receiving end of so many media propaganda by people who want to see him out of government house Owerri in 2015 by all means. The latest propaganda against Rochas is that he took a loan of 73 billion naira from banks using Imo LGA allocation as collateral. Others say he is  mobilizing  miscreants to take to the street to  protest against FG. That each recruited youth are paid N5,000. These are all lies.


The way these propagandists throw out falsehood and denigrates truth baffles me. They have embarked on mission of massive misinformation against the Imo governor because they cannot fault his programmes for Imo state. Why will Okorocha mobilize anyone to protest for him? The people love him and if the people choose to take to the street to protest on behalf of their Governor , so be it.


Okorocha requires no introduction as a leader who is diligently and humbly serving his state Imo. The ascendance of  Okorocha   to Douglas House Owerri as  governor of a politically sophisticated state as Imo  in May 29, 2011 is divine and spectacular. His achievements in office so far are also spectacular.


His leadership in Imo so far has impacted tremendously on both the state and her people. Such positive impacts include the areas of road networks, free education from primary to tertiary schools, rehabilitation of public utilities, peaceful co-existence in the state, security, health, agriculture, youth empowerment infrastructure improvements and societal re-orientation. Henceforth, on weekly basis, I will pick on one area of achievement of governor Rochas  Okorocha of Imo State. I will talk about education this week.


Naturally, as human being, Governor Okorocha  like any other politician has his own weakness because no one but God is infallible. But whatever is Okorocha's undoing, the fact still remains that  he is doing his best to take Imo State to a greater height. A man that has declared free education from primary to tertiary school in his state so that the children of the poor can go to school should be commended. Education is very important. It helps us gain knowledge, information and interpret things correctly. Education teaches us how to lead our lives by mingling in the society and turning out to be good citizens.


It makes us capable of interpreting rightly the things perceived. Education teaches us right behavior and makes us civilized people. Education is important because it equips us with all that is needed to make our dreams come true. The notion that an investment in education and human capital promotes economic growth can be traced to Adam Smith (1776), the Scottish philosopher in his famous study of what constitutes the "wealth of nations", the modern history source-book.


Are you aware that the man Okorocha Increased subvention to Imo State University from 57.56 million (fifty-seven million, five hundred and sixty thousand naira) to 100,000,000(one hundred million) naira monthly? Are you aware that the last administration in Imo State fixed  school fees in Imo State University at  150,000(one hundred and fifty thousand naira) but when Okorocha came in he reversed it? Are you aware that the man Okorocha provided N100, 000,000 (one hundred million naira )for the accreditation of courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Nursing Science in Imo State University? Are you aware that he released N138, 000,000 (one hundred and thirty-eight million naira) for payment of arrears of CONTISS/CONUAS (Academic & Non-academic) staff entitlements in Imo State University, Owerri ?

Are you aware that Imo state government under Okorocha has distributed thousands of school desks to secondary schools in Imo State and has also renovated several schools in the state? Are you also aware that Governor Okorocha is building several modern secondary schools in the state? Let’s give him some credit so that he can do more.


Are you aware that Okorocha established Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies? He also secured approval of N922, 000, 000 (Nine hundred and twenty two million naira) from the Education Trust Fund (ETF) to be used for projects in Educational Institutions in Imo State. Are you aware that Owelle Okorocha Commissioned a well-equipped Information Communication Technology (ICT) Laboratory at Girls Secondary School, Ikenegbu, Owerri.


He also secured approval for the establishment of National Teachers’Institute (NTI) Study Center in Imo State. 450 million naira grant has also being released to the missionary schools in the state. To make things easier for parents and guardians, the state government is also providing school desks, uniforms, sandals, books for Imo pupils. Allocation of impress is made to the authorities of all primary and secondary schools in the state for the purpose of carrying out routine maintenance in their respective schools


Hatred, manipulations, mischief, ill-feelings, evil machinations, vendetta and gossips from people like Mr Kenneth Uwadi against the Imo governor  cannot erase these solid achievements. Uwadi Kenneth is hiding under the façade of being a reporter with the City News to unleash his political vendetta against Okorocha’s government. Okorocha is a listening governor, whoever has ideas on how to develop the state should come forward. Critics could always have says while the truth will eventually have its way. Next week we will talk about Okorocha and security in Imo State.


Obinna Emeka lives in Owerri  and can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



I wish to commiserate with the families  of the  50 persons in  Umudagu Mbieri, Mbaitoli in Imo State that lost their lives in the Osisi Ukwu Uko tragedy . My  heart also goes  to other victims and residents of Umudagu who  suffered bodily injuries as a result of the  Uko tree calamity. I am  wishing them quick recovery. For those of you who don’t know, an ancient tree believed by some to be a tree of the gods fell on Thursday May 16th, killing over 50 people at Umudagu in Imo State.


Apart from civil  war  and pipeline disaster ,I can’t remember the last time  so many  people lost their lives in a single disaster in Imo State. One wonders the number of Iroko trees  that are within the neighbourhoods in Owerri and elsewhere across Imo State  that constitute serious threat to public safety and are waiting to explode. One wonders what kind of deep sleep the  people of  Umudagu Mbieri were into when markets, houses and other structures were being erected around such a big Iroko tree. At least, there should have been a specified radius within which no structure should be put up  around the Osisi Ukwu Uko . It is lack of planning that makes it possible for residents and Iroko tree to live as neighbours. In all ramifications, the Mbaitoli local government area authorities should be held liable for the loss of lives as a result of the Osisi Ukwu Uko tragedy.


I  call  on the Mbaitoli local government area authorities and the Imo State government to please pay some compensation to the families of the deceased and to those who lost their properties. This includes adequate and free medical treatment to those who sustained injuries. I  also call on all levels of government in Imo state  to immediately commence the planning of all urban and rural areas such that houses, schools, roads, bridges, hospitals etc., are built in an organized manner in order to meet the needs of the people and in such a way it guarantees safety to all Ndi-Imo.


Speaking about the Imo State government, one cannot forget that Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State clocked 2 years in office on May 29 this year. Did he performed  well in his second year in office?. This question is in the minds of so many persons. I criticized Okorocha a lot in his first year in office  over so many of his policies. I was all over the place, shouting from the roof-top, sermonizing and evangelizing against   some of his official decisions. Some persons joined me to complain about him in his first year in office. Emperor  Iwuala and Dr Kelechi Okpaleke complained. Prof Obi Nwakamma was throwing fits. Even Dr Herbert Nwankwo  joined in the chorus. There  was also one Prof  Nathan Uzoma Protus. I hear he is the one who wrote the book Occult Grand Master Now in Christ. We yak and yak against Owelle in his first year in office. It was one grumble after another.


It is a big triumph seeing the SP poll results released on June 4th this year. In this year’s SP poll results ,70% of the 825  SP poll participant  are happy with Okorocha’s  performance in his second year  in office which is indeed a  big triumph. The AFCUDE Resource Development Centre also praised   Governor Okorocha, giving him a 79% approval rating for free education. Owelle In his second year in office rebranded  his style of governance in Imo State.  He did  a good job . He did learn some lessons from his first year and he did a much better job this time and so many persons hope he continues with his good performance into next year. In his second year in office, with his performance, Owelle  won over the minds of  many of those who predicted disaster for the state . Kudos to him.  Eto dike na nke o mere,o mekwa ozo.


Ekeoma Iwuji in a  remark said she  is happy with what the governor has done so far  "People now admire his  free education policy . He has also done well  in  security, among other simple things that directly touch on the lives of  the people .They respect his political trajectory and  they genuinely like and trust him" She said . Stephen Nwahiri, a public affairs analyst gave Owelle an excellent mark ‘’urban roads that have never experienced any form of work since creation are being constructed in Imo  with a verve I have never seen in the state before. All such roads in Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe are receiving attention at the same time. In all the 27 local councils, rural roads are being tarred. The volume of roads under construction in the state at present is amazing and I believe, after my visit that Imo is on a happy mood once again after Mbakwe. I saw real dualization of major roads like Owerri-Orlu, Owerri-Imo Airport, Anara-Okigwe roads and these are major works.’’ Nwahiri affirmed.


Nneka  Ofili  scored Okorocha  highly in the area of road construction and rehabilitation, free education at all levels in the state, urbanisation of Orlu and Okigwe, improvement in teachers’ welfare packages, improvement in school buildings and construction and renovation of some structures.Ihueze  Bob  from Ohaji  said he is   happy that Okorocha’s free education  system is  successful. “A child of a cleaner can now study in the same school where a child of a Bank executive studies. The Public School system in developed countries is what Imo has adopted. Most of the young children in the state, who hitherto had no future by virtue of being born to underprivileged parents, now have a future . Today, schools in Imo are bursting with children. Every individual enjoys a right to a bright future. With Okorocha’s free education Imo will in future  turn into a boon for  each and every child will be educated. An uneducated person cannot comprehend many things in life  because he is limited in his foresight. ‘’ he said .


Opara  Ibe  gave Okorocha  a low grade  in the area of employment. He believes that the governor has failed in the area of job creation.To him Imo people need jobs and  the issue of unemployment should be seriously tackled. Truly , Imo people need jobs . Officials say that Okorocha  has presented a supplementary budget of N5 billion for the purposes of designing and implementing jobs for over 30,000 unemployed youths in the 27 Local Government Areas of the state. I believe in this his job creation plan. When he first announced his free education plans for the state, I did not believe him.


I thought he was playing to the gallery.I thought it was  a Nollywood drama. I was thinking that free education policy in Imo State will not work. Today,the free education is running successfully in the State. If Okorocha could make free education work in Imo, I don’t have to be hasty in concluding that his employment plans for the youths in the state cannot work. With this plan  my  unemployed friend Jenifer will smile again.  Those we now know as the 10,000 will  smile again ..May God bless Imo State . May God help relatives of  victims of the Osisi Ukwu Uko tragedy in Umudagu Mbieri.


Kenneth Uwadi,  writing from Mmahu-Egbema,Imo State,Nigeria



Saturday, 05 November 2011 20:31

Governor of Imo State and Sale of ADAPALM



The actions of the Governor of Imo State,Owelle Rochas Okorocha have attracted so much criticism from members of the press. Thisday Newspaper editorial once mentioned that the Governor's most notable achievement to date has been to make headline news for all sorts of gaffes. The paper went ahead to say that the Governor is giving Nigerians something to really laugh about. It is obvious that Okorocha is making mockery of himself but the sad thing is that he does not seem to care what people think or say.

At a Stakeholders forum in Owerri recently, Owelle was asked about the issue of the sale of the State owned Adapalm Plc. After laughing and making reference to "certain" press boys (he did not mention them by names) this is what Okorocha said :“I detest the press boys. I don't want them to come around me. They go out of their way against even their professional ethics and tell lies about me and my administration. They allow themselves to be influenced by politicians to spread falsehood against me. Because of this I do not want to have anything to do with the press boys.”

He said he picks up a Nigerian Newspaper only when he wants to look for something to laugh about. What Okorocha said about his hatred of the press isn't new. But it's new and interesting that he said it in public.We all know that Journalists are the whipping boys of the Governor. He has advised his Aides and Cabinet to ignore all that are appearing in the press about his activities. To him, members of the press are persona non grata.

Governor Okorocha is behaving like the traditional' Eze onye agwalam'. Eze onye agwalam is a Village Chief that shuns advice. He should blacklist the press at his own peril. This is democracy. He should amend his ways .The bible in Romans 6 v 1 said 'What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means!'I believe it will not be in the best interest of the Governor for the press to hide the truth from him. The press is there to watch the excesses of any government anywhere in the world. The press is the guardian of the people as the fourth estate of the realm.

Governor Okorocha was advised by well-meaning Imolites not to sale Adapalm Plc but he did not listen. Today the media is filled with the news that Imo State government has sold the multi-million naira Adapalm PLC to Roche Group, an Irish Company .Some say Adapalm is sold for 20 years. Whether for 20years or less, a sale is a sale. Adapalm plantation is located in Ohaji/Egbema L.G.A of Imo State.Introducing the new owners to the people of Ohaji/Egbema LGA,Owelle Rochas Okorocha declared that the new owners have the full rights to hire and fire staff.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the sale of Adapalm under the administration of Owelle Rochas is fraught with all kinds of sharp practices, shady deals and under-the-table-practices. The sale of Adapalm is criminal to say the least. I see this as an act of insensitivity by the Governor to the interests of the poor masses. The sale of Adapalm , especially at a time when thousands of Imo people are needlessly poor and in need of gainful employment, is nothing but an anti-poor, pro-rich policy. Tragically this policy is taking place at a time when statistics released by the Federal Ministry of Finance recently rated Imo State financially strong. Imo State has constantly received jumbo allocations since Governor Okorocha came in. He is yet to show us what he has used the allocation money on, as we have not witnessed any genuine project instituted by his administration.

Okorocha behaves like a maximum ruler who will be in power forever, but he has forgotten that, whatever has a beginning will surely come to an end one day.Political office is for a while, power is ephemeral. His rescue mission has now become the reckless sale of the collective patrimony of Imo people, to his businessmen partners. The due process, rule of law and collective interests of Imo State was not taken into consideration. This Roche Group has taken over all major construction projects in Imo.

At a time when the available institutions of higher learning in Imo turn out thousands of graduates on a yearly basis, most of whom remain perpetually unemployed and only ceaselessly roaming the streets in search of unavailable jobs, Okorocha is preoccupied with the business of selling of publicly owned properties which were built over the years with our collectively owned wealth – a venture which in all aspect is perpetually anti-people. The sale of Adapalm  is a pro-rich policy because it puts public wealth into private hands and further increases poverty because it puts more people out of employment as the new management is out to make profit at the expense of human life. According to sources, an estimated 2,000 Adapalm workers are to be sacked.Okorocha is about to make so many people of Ohaji/Egbema the host community to Adapalm jobless.

The sale  of Adapalm should be totally condemned by Imolites as it does the toiling masses no good. But will Eze onye agwalam(Okorocha)ever listen to the voice of reason? The truth of the matter today is that the people's patience are snapping and very fast too despite Okorocha's threat of dealing with unfriendly Journalists. We worry about how Okorocha is converting Imo State and its funds into a family enterprise while governing the State with impunity and military fiat not minding or giving a hoot how the people felt. Save us o' God.

-Kenneth Uwadi, Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria


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