Mission Statement

AFRIPOL is a public policy center organization. Our primary objectives are to advocate and promote free enterprise, democracy, human rights in Africa and establish both political and economic bases for sustainable growth of industry, commerce, people and culture.

DEMOCRACY is the hope of Africa in this modern dispensation. The nascent institutions of democracy will benefit from our researched and informed strategic brainpowers, networks and outlines specifically tailored for Africans.We believe that democracy is our greatest task in Africa because it has a ripple effect of spurring the respect of HUMAN RIGHTS, FREE ENTERPRISE & TRANSPARENCY.

AFRIPOL will aggressively seek means and process for CONFLICT RESOLUTIONS in Africa. AFRIPOL aims to become a Knowledge Bank for governments and policy makers. We'll provide reliable in-depth research and mass education/analysis on African issues. New ways of doing things or simple new ideas often are not given proper support to thrive or succeed. Our new paradigm of effective leadership, transparent stewardship, accountability, balance and fairness will revolutionize how people engage in business, politics and public service. The tools of engagement and success in business and politics are not available to everyone. We hope to make these tools unequivocally available to all serious and committed people to succeed.

When you work with us you become a winner!