Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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ideas have consequences

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Thursday, 24 June 2010 21:07

Democracy @ 10 in Nigeria- a feeling of Disappointment

Written by Vincent Ogboi
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Democracy in Nigeria @ ten although not a complete failure is still not out of the ICU-Intensive Care Unit. All the major and critical indicators of political transitions to a true democracy are still missing in the political landscape of Nigeria. Nigeria is like a sick child that has the attention and care of a specialist doctor but continuously and stubbornly refuses to take the prescribed medications that will see her out of the intensive care unit.

It is disheartening that Nigeria with so much capital and human resources knows the right things to do but for some personal and selfish reasons of a few elites (bigmen) have refused to implement any positive recommendations that will move her into the league of democratic nations. This elitist few for some selfish reasons and personal gains continue to refuse to carry the masses with them. That is the reason that majority of Nigerians if asked today will judge this democracy after ten years as a failed experiment because there has been virtually no positive impact in the lives of most Nigerians as only the few Elites continue to live in opulence due to corrupt practices while leaving many in abject poverty in the land of so much wealth.

Politicians continue with impunity to divert funds marked for infrastructural development into their personal accounts while many ordinary Nigerians still go to bed hungry and without clean water or electricity despite the enormous income generated from crude oil.

Nigeria after 10 years of democracy still cannot boast of a successful local government election devoid of electoral frauds such as stealing of ballot boxes and bribing electoral officers of the electoral body entrusted to conduct elections in Nigeria (INEC) while a Small country and a neighbor like Ghana has successfully conducted a national election with very minimal or zero bloodshed, also judged as free and fair by observers from all over the world.

Nigeria continues to deceive the whole world that she is fighting a war with a pervasive corrupt system that is riddled with massive corrupt practices in all facets of Government but refuses to show any credible casualties…the world knows that you cannot fight a war such as corruption in Nigeria without casualties on the ground to show. The fight of corruption has become a joke and revolving door for the very rich and powerful where many are arrested in the glare of the media and cameras only to be released through the back door to enjoy their ill-gotten wealth which they fail to realize is the sweat of the people of Nigeria!.

Almost fifty years after independence Nigeria is still fighting a war in the creeks of the Niger Delta where the black gold that sustains her gushes from. All the citizens of the land in the Delta are asking for is a fair share of the resources found on their land and control of pollution of the waters so that they can at least sustain their pre-oil way of life- which is fishing. They lack basic amenities such as roads, water, electricity, health care and schools. It is like the case of a child that cries all night thereby making it impossible for the parents to sleep. The parents know that if they feed the child and probably change the diapers the child may then be rocked to sleep thus allowing the parents a restful and blissful night of rest. Successive Nigerian Governments have had the opportunity to right the wrongs of the past but have stubbornly refused to do so hoping and wishing that, like many things in Nigeria, this will go away on its own. They have failed to see this simple logic and have decided to bomb these citizens to oblivion with their “mighty military”!!

Nigeria must realize that no amount of hollow effort to rebrand Nigeria will change the negative perception of the world on Nigeria until Nigeria begins to do right and live to its true position in the comity of Nations. Nigeria for too long has been bestowed with all the required ingredients that make a great Nation. Until all that potential is harnessed and properly harvested Nigeria will continue to be a “Big Boy” walking around in undersized shoes. It could get very painful. Nigeria’s potential remains nothing but potential until it is converted to energy or useable resources. In A SIMPLE analogy it is like uncooked meat in the freezer until it is seasoned and cooked it just uncooked meat with no nutritional value for man or woman—that is the true story of Nigeria.

The world is really disappointed on Nigeria, especially the black nations of the world who had hoped that Nigeria, being the world most popular black nation will be their shining light on the top of the hill like America is to the whole world. Nigeria continues to tell these nations to look elsewhere as they are not quite ready to take the position as the giant of Africa which may be a misnomer for Nigeria so far.

Although all is not lost as Nigeria is still blessed with abundant human capital and natural resources that if properly harnessed will make Nigeria the envy of the world. Majority of Nigeria’s ever ready human capital still  reside in the fertile laboratories scattered all over the world waiting in the wings to help Nigeria sour like the eagle which she truly can become when called upon.      This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Last modified on Sunday, 18 July 2010 20:50

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